The Bart and Timmy T-Shirt

suede skirt with adidas

*just realizing I took these photos almost two months ago!* Oops! Better late than never!

Anyway, this is one of my favorite outfits because it actually came together how I imagined it in my head. Most of the time, usually when I’m trying to go to sleep, I’ll come up with outfit ideas in my head and then write them down in my phone. I’d say about 50% actually turn out as good as I imagined them. So I was super thankful when this one worked out!

I’m such a sucker for baseball t-shirts, especially fun and unique ones like this!

If you’re a Rangers baseball fan you’ve probably already seen and hopefully bought this shirt, if you haven’t, you’re following the wrong people on twitter!!

So if you don’t know, this shirt is a drawing of the Rangers newest pitchers who are beloved in the world of baseball. Bartolo Colon and Tim Lincecum. Also known as Bart and Timmy. Also known as Big Sexy and The Freak. Yup. I didn’t make those nicknames up, they’re  real, I promise!

It’s an awesome shirt, it’s super soft, it comes in other colors, and you should buy it!

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I Got Tired of Writing

american eagle drop waist dress

Yeah that’s right, the journalism got tired of writing. But mostly I got tired of writing for this blog. It’s not that I didn’t want to post on here, I just didn’t have anything to really say.

And I’ve said this on here before, sometimes I just want to post and share photos of a cute outfit and I don’t really have much or anything to say with it. Yet, I feel some weird obligation to write a few paragraphs with each post even though there’s really no need for me to describe what I’m wearing in text because you can see it just fine in the photos.

So while I’ve had plenty of outfits to share, I just had nothing to say along with them so I’ve just left them sitting here in the drafts.  However, I think I’ve decided I am going to start posting outfits here and there and not worry about having anything to say. Just show off the outfits I like because sometimes that’s just all I have or want to share.

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On Deck is Where the Circle Is


If you know of my love of baseball, you also know my love of Adrian Beltre. So when he got ejected from a game last July, just a couple games before getting his 3,000th hit, after being his amazing self, I had to get this shirt. Which is unfortunately not available anymore. Bummer!

If you don’t get what the shirt is referencing, read and watch about it here! It’s worth your time I promise.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here before that I struggle when it comes to any and all jeans. I’m only 5’2″ and I have a longer torso and therefore short legs. So most jeans, even jeans that claim to be short, are too long for me. Especially when it comes to boyfriend jeans. They usually fit baggy and they’re too long. However, this pair is perfect!

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Everything and Nothing, All at Once

So a couple posts ago, I talked about how the spring semester is just my struggle semester when it comes to school. I totally lack motivation and my procrastination levels go through the roof. I think the call of summer is just too strong?

However, the thing I noticed in the last few weeks when I haven’t been posting here (my bad!) is that while my lack of motivation for school comes in, my motivation and drive to do other things soars.

There’s so much I want to do and change and focus on. It’s like I want to do everything and nothing at the same time. If anyone figures out how to make that possible, let a girl know!

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Just Another Outfit

This may come as a shock to those of you that have known me for years, sometimes I have nothing to say. Yeah that’s a shocker because sometimes I just can’t seem to shut up.

I wanted to post this sooner but time really got away from me. The last couple of weeks have felt jam packed and I just had no clue what to even write about for this post. So I just kept putting it off, like I do with most things.

At first, I was annoyed that I had nothing to say because I was like “well I can’t post this until I figure out something to talk about.” And then I realized, that’s totally stupid. Why fake a topic to talk about, why force something? That’s not what I want my blog to be, I do this for fun, to share things I like. Sometimes, like today, all I have to share for a post is the outfit.

I’ll have more to say next time, promise!


OLD NAVY | sweater(exact color not available
but other colors on sale!)

TARGET | booties (linked similar, on sale!)
TARGET | sunglasses
aerie | leggings (on sale!)
SHE IN | SADDLE BAG (color no longer available)
kohl’s | jacket (from years ago,
no longer available, linked similar)


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Spring Semester Struggle

I should start this off by saying I’m a procrastinator. I was going to write this Tuesday and then I decided I could do it Wednesday before I had class. And now I’m finishing it up Friday night.

I love being busy and having things to keep my mind occupied. But I’m also really good at being lazy and procrastinating. Sometimes I even think procrastinating helps me work better because then I’m forced to actually get things done.

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Blue Suede Shoes


Well I think technically they’e velvet but close enough, right? Just go with it!

These aren’t normally shoes I’d go for but something about them I was drawn to. It could be the fact that they were on clearance though so there is that. That being said, since they weren’t full price, it kind of pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. Sure shoes aren’t that big of a deal but I don’t always get flats that I can’t wear on the daily.

And I got another striped button down. I had to! It’s soft and it’s gray not blue like my others I’ve had. And last semester I apparently sat in or leaned on printer ink or something in a computer lab on campus, it got all over my favorite stripe button up so I had to replace it! It was a necessity!

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