Summer Layers


I am definitely not one for layers in the summer. It’s Texas in June and feels like 110 degrees, layers? No thank you! I’m not even sure you’d really consider this layers? It’s not too terrible, the tank and the vest are both super light weight, it’s not even bothersome. I honestly just didn’t want to wait four more months to wear this vest, there’s no fun in buying something if you can’t wear it at least once immediately.

It’s been a while since I’ve worn a striped shirt, I’m kind of proud of myself for that! It used to be a daily occurrence, so much so I had to actually remind myself to pick something other than stripes. My style, obviously, is very simple, if possible, it gets much more simple in the summer. Usually in the summer, I rotate through the same few outfits because it gets to just be too hot to wear anything other than shorts and a tank, or a dress. I’ve kind of given myself a challenge to actually put together different outfits instead of constantly repeating the same few looks for the next four months. Will see how long that lasts, July is right around the corner and I’m sure once we get into the real depths of summer, I’ll live in Nike shorts and college tees the four days a week I have classes.

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Swing Dress + Statement Necklace


Do you ever have an item of clothing or piece of jewelry you love so much and want to wait for the perfect time to wear it and show it off and it ends up being months before you do? That’s how I felt with this necklace. I bought it a few months back when Baublebar first put out their line with Target and since then I’ve been dying to wear it for the blog and even real life but it just never seemed like the perfect time. Until I got this dress and it felt perfect!

This is one of two dresses I’ve purchased from After seeing multiple bloggers have good experiences with them, I wanted to give them a try.  I was mostly hesitant because everything on their website is cheap and I figured there had to be a reason. I assumed the reason would be that once you get the items you ordered,they’d look nothing like what’s on their website.

I was wrong.

The best part of the website, is most items have a section that shows customer pictures, so you can see how the clothes look on real people and not just models.

I purchased two dresses and two shirts, the dresses were perfect, the shirts were not. They give a lot of measurements info online so you can get your right size, for some reason that did not work for the tops. Both tops were small in the shoulders but the dresses fit perfectly. When in doubt, sizing up instead of down is best.

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Embroidered Chambray Dress + Top Knot


While walking around Old Navy, I passed by this dress and grabbed it to try on, mostly thinking I wouldn’t like it but wanted to confirm it. I had a suspicion that it would probably be too long for since I’m only 5’2″ and most dresses are just a touch too long.

I thought maybe if it wasn’t too long, I just wouldn’t like the shape of it.

Turns out I was wrong on both accounts.

When I get dresses or tops that are off the shoulder, I usually try them on how they’re intended to be worn… of the shoulder. But I’ll also try it on with it pulled up so the sleeves are actually acting like sleeves, just to see how it would look if the sleeves were to shift up through out the day. I like to see if it’s going to be a top I’m gonna have to constantly fuss with and adjust or if I can just leave it be if it does ride up.

This dress is super cute either way!

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Off the shoulder


Anyone else counting down the days for this semester to end?

I’ll admit when this semester first started, it felt like it was flying by. Lately it’s starting to feel like it just won’t end. I felt so busy from the start, I’m ready for a few months off! Especially from my commute.

Anyway, once the semester is over I’ll have plenty more time for the blog and to take photos and hopefully get back to my two times weekly posting schedule that I had for a while there!

When I first ordered this top, I was so close to getting it in blue. But I talked myself out of my neutral and blue habit and went with the pink for spring. I still need to transition out of my black jeans though, I’m just not ready to give them up.

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The Perfect White Peplum

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Last spring I purchased one of my favorite peplum tops from Old Navy. I tried it on in white, didn’t purchase it, and I totally regretted it. I refused to make the same mistake this year.

So I wouldn’t have any regrets this time, I purchased this top in the mint and the coral shade as well. I was tempted to get it in black as well, but I have a few black peplum tops and since I don’t reach for a lot of color, I thought three was probably enough.

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The Softest Stripe Shirt Ever

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetRemember a couple weeks ago when I said I have trouble staying away from stripes? I clearly wasn’t kidding. Sometimes I don’t even realize what I’ve picked out is stripes until it is already on. It’s really a habit at this point.

Especially with this shirt.

And if the stripes are this thin and not as obvious, it doesn’t matter too much if I’ve worn stripes every other day too, right?

This is my go to when I’m not sure what I want to wear. Days when I want to look somewhat put together but still be comfortable.

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Cozy Cardigan

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Texas weather is really playing with us all, isn’t it? When I took these photos last Thursday, I froze my butt off. It was maybe 50 degrees. The last few days it’s been 80 degrees and sunny and it’s not making getting dressed in the morning easy.

Since it’s technically winter still, I also don’t know if I should bust out all of my spring weather clothes. I know it’s 70 and April like weather but is it too soon to wear white jeans and sandals? It feels weird to wear it in February. Especially when I’m still in the mood for layers and dark winter clothes.

Anyone else that way?

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Stripes are my go to. I think it’s been pretty obvious. I wear them so often that recently I’ve had to force myself to wear outfits without stripes just to mix it up, it’s just a habit to reach for stripes. Even this morning, I had to talk myself out of reaching for three different stripe shirts.

Maybe it’s not the case for everyone but for me, all my stripe shirts are super comfy but also make me feel put together, adds something to an outfit that a plain t-shirt wouldn’t.

I’ve had this scarf for a few years now but surprisingly don’t reach for it too often, mostly because it’s black and tan-ish? I don’t even know what the other color it is, beige? Either way, I can’t wear it with a white shirt because to me, it clashes. Usually I’ll wear it with an outfit like this, all black, to break it up a bit.

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