Just Another Outfit

This may come as a shock to those of you that have known me for years, sometimes I have nothing to say. Yeah that’s a shocker because sometimes I just can’t seem to shut up.

I wanted to post this sooner but time really got away from me. The last couple of weeks have felt jam packed and I just had no clue what to even write about for this post. So I just kept putting it off, like I do with most things.

At first, I was annoyed that I had nothing to say because I was like “well I can’t post this until I figure out something to talk about.” And then I realized, that’s totally stupid. Why fake a topic to talk about, why force something? That’s not what I want my blog to be, I do this for fun, to share things I like. Sometimes, like today, all I have to share for a post is the outfit.

I’ll have more to say next time, promise!


OLD NAVY | sweater(exact color not available
but other colors on sale!)

TARGET | booties (linked similar, on sale!)
TARGET | sunglasses
aerie | leggings (on sale!)
SHE IN | SADDLE BAG (color no longer available)
kohl’s | jacket (from years ago,
no longer available, linked similar)


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Spring Semester Struggle

I should start this off by saying I’m a procrastinator. I was going to write this Tuesday and then I decided I could do it Wednesday before I had class. And now I’m finishing it up Friday night.

I love being busy and having things to keep my mind occupied. But I’m also really good at being lazy and procrastinating. Sometimes I even think procrastinating helps me work better because then I’m forced to actually get things done.

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Blue Suede Shoes


Well I think technically they’e velvet but close enough, right? Just go with it!

These aren’t normally shoes I’d go for but something about them I was drawn to. It could be the fact that they were on clearance though so there is that. That being said, since they weren’t full price, it kind of pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. Sure shoes aren’t that big of a deal but I don’t always get flats that I can’t wear on the daily.

And I got another striped button down. I had to! It’s soft and it’s gray not blue like my others I’ve had. And last semester I apparently sat in or leaned on printer ink or something in a computer lab on campus, it got all over my favorite stripe button up so I had to replace it! It was a necessity!

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Red Sweater + My Favorite Podcast

So I’m trying a lot of new things in this post. One of which I don’t think is going to work very well but I guess we’ll see! First, the thing that is working, this red sweater. I decided I needed more than just neutrals in my closet and I really love the color red. So I actually came across this sweater when I linked it in this post and I love it. I’m not only obsessed with the color but also the sweater itself. I want to buy it in all the other colors, which I totally would if they weren’t sold out in my size. Bummer! As of writing this ( 1/11/18) it’s 30% off and there are still a few sizes and colors left!

My favorite black sunglasses broke a couple months back and since then I’ve just been sticking to my aviator sunglasses but I’ve been wanting some black sunglasses. I was originally going to get some basic, ray-ban-looking, plastic black framed sunglasses. Then I saw these at target and had to have them. They look designer but they’re like $16 and amazing!

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Basically Stepping Into Stars Hallow

This obviously isn’t Stars Hallow, but it definitely has a Gilmore Girls feel, right?

I’m really going to miss all these Christmas decorations.  I still have all mine up because it’s just too depressing taking them down but I’m going to be so bummed taking photos now with no jolly decorations! Can we just take a vote and leave the garland and trees up? They don’t even have to have all the ornaments and bows, that way it’s just greenery, totally normal everyday greenery.

Anyway, on to the outfit. I’m basically walking Old Navy ad, but really what’s new?

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Ruffle Sweater + Leather Pants


Can you believe it’s just two days until Christmas? I feel like I’ve been waiting forever and at the same time it came so fast.

I love dressing up on occasion but usually for holidays, I go more casual and comfy. That being said, sometimes I like to dress up on Christmas eve. So this was the outfit I was planning on for tomorrow night with the family. Now who knows if it’ll actually happen, always depends on the weather… and my mood.

This sweater is also my favorite and I want it in all the colors it comes in! This green is one of my favorites and I love the little ruffle at the bottom that makes it just a tad different from your basic sweater.

But let’s talk about the pants for a second, shall we?

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Classic Winter Outfit

On cold days, this is another go-to outfit; a cozy sweater paired with a cute beanie with a fur pom, a warm scarf, some jeans (or leggings) and some ankle boots and I’m good to go.

Winter accessories are just my favorite, it’s so easy to dress super comfy and cozy with absolutely no thought, but still look put together. Through on a sleek camel coat or for those super chilly days, a giant puffy coat, instantly warm and ready to go without looking like you rolled out of bed.

Beanies are also perfect for when you’ve already gone too many days using dry shampoo but can’t fit in the time to wash your hair (because let’s be real, it’s kind of a hassle!) beanies are the best!

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away! How did time fly so fast? I’ll be taking full advantage of all the Christmas decorations because they’re just so jolly and make all photos that much better. Can we just leave them up all year?

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Black and Brown

Finally another outfit post! It took so long because school started to catch up to me (shout out to my fellow procrastinators!) So I was either doing a ton of homework or exhausted and just taking time to relax and watch Netflix!

However, now that the semester has ended, I have a number of outfit posts planned out and ready to go.

Until I got this sweater a few years ago, I hated pairing black and brown together. Now I wear it more than anything else in my closet and it’s almost always with black jeans or leggings. It’s especially perfect for this crazy Texas weather because it isn’t too thick so those days when it’s freezing in the morning and then warmer in the afternoon, this doesn’t get uncomfortable.

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Suede Skirt

Last fall I mentioned that I love the suede skirt trend. But I didn’t like the fit of any of the one’s I tried on. The cut of most were either too straight or too narrow. It’d fit in the hips but no where else. Or I felt like a complete sausage.

I wrote off the trend as one that just wasn’t for me. But this year when it came back and I just couldn’t let it go. I was determined to find one for me.

When I saw this one on Old Navy’s website, I was totally convinced I’d hate it on me but still determined to try it on just so my stubborn self could get it out of my head.

You know,  like when you get a song stuck in your head and the only way to get it out is to listen to it.

But to my surprise, the skirt was perfect.

I wore it three times in the first week after buying it.

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Tee Dress Two Ways


One of my biggest problems when it comes to style, is learning to wear an outfit more than one way. I’m a creature of habit, if I find something I like I stick with it. I order the same things from restaurants and rarely try something new, why mess with a good thing?

When it comes to an outfit, if I still a shirt or a dress one way, that’s pretty much the only way I’ll wear it. Because I know it works!

So I “challenged” myself for this post. Which really wasn’t too much of a challenge but hey, I tried!

My style is obviously casual, that’s what I like and I’m a full-time college student so I don’t really have a need to wear anything to fancy.

So basically I styled this dress casually and then like a step or two up from casual.

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