Getting In Shape

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For the past two months I’ve made some significant progress in establishing a workout routine so I wanted to share some of the changes I’ve made.

First off, this is going to sound like such a sponsored post but I promise it’s not! No one’s paying me to say this or share these things, I just love them!


The game changer has been the Nike Training Club app. IT’S FREE!! I first downloaded it a few years ago when it was a bit different and then would go and find other workouts but always came back to this app. It’s great for multiple reasons.

  • If you’re looking to change up your workout, you can pick a workout based on a number of different categories. Within the categories you can filter it based on level of difficulty, duration, the equipment you have available to you for your workout, and the intensity. You can also filter out if you want it time-based or rep-based as well as if you want to focus on strength, endurance, or mobility

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Everything and Nothing, All at Once

So a couple posts ago, I talked about how the spring semester is just my struggle semester when it comes to school. I totally lack motivation and my procrastination levels go through the roof. I think the call of summer is just too strong?

However, the thing I noticed in the last few weeks when I haven’t been posting here (my bad!) is that while my lack of motivation for school comes in, my motivation and drive to do other things soars.

There’s so much I want to do and change and focus on. It’s like I want to do everything and nothing at the same time. If anyone figures out how to make that possible, let a girl know!

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Musings No. 8 | Friday Favorites

new additions

I just bought these shoes yesterday (linked a similar pair because I couldn’t find the white A New Day version, I only just started seeing them in stories in the last week or so. The ones I bought are pictured above!) and I already want to wear them all the time! I was against this style of shoes for the longest because they reminded me of leprechaun shoes or like something senior citizens would wear. But thennn I kind of started to love the style. You know like when you see a dog and it’s ugly but still cute? That’s how I feel about this style of shoe, they’re ugly but still cute.

I also got this monthly planner from Target and it’s been so useful! I usually stick to weekly planners but I found I like the monthly set up better because I can see everything laid out in front of me and I know what’s coming in future weeks. It’s also helped me plan blog posts wayyyy easier than just decided “tomorrow I should do this post…” I actually have a plan through February, which I’m never that far ahead!

Oh! I also got a new bedspread, so random but the last few months I’ve just been using the duvet insert with no cover because I was too picky but I found this one at ikea and I love it. Shocker, it’s stripes! But it’s perfectly warm and cozy but not too heavy which is perfect for me because I just use that and a blanket with no top sheet (I just kick that off the bed while I sleep anyway so what’s the point right?!)

Clearly this isn’t going in any kind of order and it’s just a random list of favorites, so let’s move on to a new makeup fav, shall we? I love Milani blushes and recently bought the shade Bella Bellini and it’s gorgeous! And stays on so long and doesn’t fade, it’s the perfect pink/rose gold glowy blush! The photo just doesn’t do it justice!

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Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Since I got some really good feedback for my post about my struggle with anxiety last week, I wanted to make a post about some ways I deal with it. These are all things I’ve tried and have really helped me. It’s really good for times when you feel like it just sneaks up on you.

For me I’ve noticed the best way to deal with it, is accepting it but also keeping my mind occupied so I’m not just focusing on and drowning in my anxious thoughts and feelings.

So most of these are things I do while I’m feeling anxious but I’ve also noticed they help keep myself from even getting anxious in the first place.


I mentioned this in my other post, the reason I wrote it is because I was in the middle of feeling anxious at night and needed a way to just get it out, so I wrote it down on my phone and noticed half way through that I was significantly less anxious.

I’ve learned from a meditation app (I’ll mention my favorite below) that you should acknowledge your anxiety not try to push it away or bury it because that makes it worse.  I’ve found this to be true. When I write down what is making me anxious and why (if there is even a why, sometimes there isn’t, and that’s ok!) I feel better about it because it’s not just stuck in my head. If that makes sense.

Sometimes I’ll talk it out with my mom or text some of my friends who I know will understand what I’m going through about it.


I’ve been diffusing oils for the last four-ish months and I totally believe it works. Every night I diffuse lavender which really helps me relax and sleep better. I’ve noticed differences in nights when I diffuse lavender and when I don’t.

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Red Sweater + My Favorite Podcast

So I’m trying a lot of new things in this post. One of which I don’t think is going to work very well but I guess we’ll see! First, the thing that is working, this red sweater. I decided I needed more than just neutrals in my closet and I really love the color red. So I actually came across this sweater when I linked it in this post and I love it. I’m not only obsessed with the color but also the sweater itself. I want to buy it in all the other colors, which I totally would if they weren’t sold out in my size. Bummer! As of writing this ( 1/11/18) it’s 30% off and there are still a few sizes and colors left!

My favorite black sunglasses broke a couple months back and since then I’ve just been sticking to my aviator sunglasses but I’ve been wanting some black sunglasses. I was originally going to get some basic, ray-ban-looking, plastic black framed sunglasses. Then I saw these at target and had to have them. They look designer but they’re like $16 and amazing!

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My Struggle with Anxiety

I’ve wanted to write a post about this for over a year now but I could just never bring myself to do it. I’m doing it now as more of a therapeutic way for myself to make myself feel less burdened by it. I’ve struggled with anxiety for about three years now and it is one of the most frustrating things ever. It’s isolating and feels stupid and at times absolutely ridiculous.

Honestly, maybe I’ve had anxiety all my life but just passed it off as normal nerves. But over he last few years it’s been more obviously anxiety, that panicky feeling in your gut, the stomach ache, and tension.

When I first came to terms with anxiety, I felt ridiculous. Anxiety feels ridiculous. Because sometimes you get hit with a wave of it and there’s an absolute reason why and sometimes you get hit in the face with it for no reason whatsoever. And I’ve learned that that’s ok.

But it still sucks.

It feels isolating because no one talks about it and then trying to explain it to someone that it’s not just a regular nervous feeling to someone who doesn’t get anxiety, kind of makes me feel totally lame. “Well how come they can deal with this totally insignificant thing but I can’t. Why can’t I be normal?”

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Looking Back on 2017

Looking back on the goals I made for 2017,  I actually feel really good about my progress. Obviously I made more progress on some than others but slow progress is better than no progress!

Photograph more

I’m really proud of succeeding with this goal, especially in the last few months.

First time getting a photo published, definitely a freak out moment in this year and it’s definitely framed on my wall by my desk.

watch more baseball

I don’t know if I necessarily watched more baseball, but I did go to a minor league game for the first time in like 11 years and went to a college baseball game for the first time so I saw different baseball!

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I had so much fun putting together last year’s “guide” so I decided to do another one this year. Some of these things I have and love, others are just items on my Christmas list!


I love coffee mugs, I have way too many but that doesn’t stop me from buying or wanting even more.  So why not a baseball related one? This etsy shop not only has this print on mugs, but prints for walls and shirts. Also a ton more related to other sports.



I’m a total sucker for a Wizard of Oz quote with a baseball relation and stamped on a coffee mug? I’m sold!




And to fill up those coffee cups, you’re gonna need some coffee! So why not Pudge coffee?? Yes this is a real thing and it’s so good!




I got this Beltre phone case aka the best phone case ever. It’s the only Ranger phone case Cutting Edge Cases has but who else would a Ranger fan want? They mostly sell hockey and football related cases

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23 Facts About Me

I decided for my 23rd birthday I would share some facts about myself! I’m sure I’ve mentioned a majority of these at some point in the last three years I’ve had this blog but I figured it never hurts to introduce yourself again, right?

  1. 23 is my favorite number, I think I just decided this since I was born on the 23rd but I also tend to notice the number a lot. Probably because I’m hyper aware of it. Also, as a kid I decided I had to have a favorite number and 23 was it.
  2. I’m an only child.
  3. I never played on a sports team but in 5th grade we had a kickball tournament and my team was in first place… so I’ll always have that accomplishment! 😂
  4. When I was a kid, every Saturday I went to my Grandparent’s house and every Saturday my grandma and I would eat Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. This went on for at least three years. And I mean every Saturday.
  5. I never really collected anything until the last few years, I started collecting Texas Ranger bobble heads.
  6. Photography is the first thing I really remember loving to do. On holidays and other family gatherings, I used to take my Aunt’s Canon camera and just run around the house taking photos of everyone.
  7. My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama.
  8. I was born 10 weeks early and came home a week before Christmas. I still have small scars on my hands and feet from the IVs. Apparently I also had IVs in my head that I would pull out. 😳
  9. I love listening to music but I’ve never been to a real concert. Although, I did see Lifehouse at a fall festival five years ago.
  10. I met my best friend in preschool, we’ve been friends for 20 years and I’m pretty sure we were meant to be twins.👯
  11. My favorite animal is a moose.

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