Beauty Favorites No. 4

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post and talked about my favorite makeup products. I’ve recently tried some new things and gone back to a few old and thought I’d share what I’ve been reaching for daily… or at least the days I’m going my makeup!


Laura Mercier hydration primer– This works miracles! Ok that’s an exaggeration… but it’s great if you have dry skin. It doesn’t make you oily or greasy as the day goes on but it makes foundation look so smooth. (For what it’s worth, I tried this with the silk creme foundation and returned the foundation. Totally not worth the hype in my opinion. Definitely didn’t have the coverage, wasn’t easy to blend, was slightly yellow in tone, and just overall didn’t look or feel good on my skin.)

Laura Mercier translucent powder– When I returned the foundation, I exchanged it for a travel size of the powder and I love it. Even though I have dry skin, I always powder lightly. Mostly it’s out of habit of setting foundation for the last few years, but also even though my skin is dry, I feel like throughout the day I get oily if I don’t powder.

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Beauty Favorites Vol. 3


I blame YouTube for my makeup obsession. I try to limit it and then suddenly a million new products come out that I need to try.

Totally got sucked in with this new Revolution eye shadow palette. This Fortune favors the Brave palette instantly grabbed my attention with the neutrals. I really loved the matte, satin, and the more metallic shades. I haven’t done much with this palette yet but just based on the swatches, I think this will become my go to palette. I will say, I probably won’t use the blues ever, I’m not one for color on the lid but I definitely not much of a blue person if I do reach for color.  The bottom two rows will probably end up being what I reach for the most.

Another Makeup Revolution I bought recently and I’ve been loving is the Skin Kiss highlighter in Peach Kiss

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Skincare Routine || Favorite Face Masks

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I’m the worst when it comes to skincare routines. I can keep up with it for a few weeks and then I skip a day and that ruins the routine. Lately, I’ve been better about it because I’ve been doing a face mask every day. My skin goes through phases of looking like it’s finally going to clear up and then it freaks out. So when I do a face mask, I feel like I’m getting my skin back on track and because of that, I’ve been doing them daily.

It also insures that I’m washing my face every day. I always wash my face if I’ve worn makeup that day, I’m really good about taking my makeup off before bed. But if I don’t wear makeup, I almost never think about washing my face. That’s where the face mask comes in.

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More Hair Care

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Almost immediately after this post, I changed up my hair care routine once again.

Kristin Ess, AKA the woman responsible for Lauren Conrad’s amazing hair, came out with her own hair care line at Target and who doesn’t want hair like LC? So of course, I had to go out and try it. (No I haven’t finished the Bumble and bumble set I got a couple of months ago. Oops.)

I purchased the leave-in conditioner, the working serum, and the finishing spray. Everything is under either $14 or $10 so it’s super affordable and it all smells amazing.  Continue reading

Beauty Favorites Vol. 2

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Some time in the last few months I’ve completely changed up the products I’ve been using in the morning when getting ready. I’m usually a creature of habit, and 90% of the items I reached for were from the drugstore… somewhere along the way that changed. I’ll blame it on Christmas when I got a few things in my stocking, that I’m now obsessed with.

My last everyday makeup routine was a year ago and I hadn’t changed much of that routine for a while. Until recently. Then I changed it all, so here’s what I’ve been loving lately.

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Current Hair Care Routine


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I don’t really change up my hair routine often, if anything I’ll try a new shampoo and conditioner every once and awhile but other than that I’m a creature of habit.

Recently, I’ve changed pretty much everything from this post so I decided it was time for a update.

Most of these products are relatively new to me but they’ve already become favorites of mine and I wanted to share.

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Musings No. 2

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With being sick all last week and still working on a balance for school working on the blog and have time to relax between all of that, I decided the easiest post for today/this week would be another musings post. Since these posts are more of a quick catch up post, I thought it would also be the most fun to share what I’m loving recently and just have a chatty post!


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So I got a couple new makeup items over the last week, like I needed any more. Oops. I picked up the Milani eyeshadow primer and the Tantastic face and body baked bronzer. I’ve yet to use the bronzer, but based on swatches it’s going to be a gorgeous glow. I used the eyeshadow primer today and I’m loving it.

My mom gave me this It Cosmetics powder and it is amazing. It looks kind of scary when you swatch it because it’s so glowy and illuminating. But when you apply it with a brush, I use this one, it just makes your skin look flawless and healthy.

I needed a new eyebrow pencil, instead of getting the NYX pencil, I decided to try the tinted brow mascara because I figured it might be quicker and easier to apply in the mornings when I’m in a rush. I’ve used it once so far and it’s alright, I just think I could’ve gotten one shade darker (I got the shade in Blonde.)

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Old and New

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I tried out some new products over the last few weeks and even brought back some things I haven’t used in a while and decided to share them with y’all.

First, I went on another mascara kick and tried two new (to me) mascaras and also went back to an old favorite. First I tried the new IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara, had it been waterproof, I probably would’ve totally loved it. But like I’ve said before, my lashes refuse to hold curl unless it’s waterproof mascara. The second mascara I tried was the L’Oreal Double Extend mascara. I can only describe this mascara as slightly traumatizing. Now it makes your lashes look amazing, almost full like false lashes would give you. Again, had issues holding curl even with the primer. The traumatizing part is when it comes off. It tells you it comes off in tubes, which sounds kind of cool, except it looks like your lashes are coming off. It honestly made me paranoid that I was pulling my lashes out.

So to avoid all of those problems, I went back to a mascara I haven’t used in a while.  Probably a couple of years since I have yet to mention it on here. And I love it so much that I have no idea why I stopped using it. The L’Oreal Voluminous Volume Building mascara is AMAZING! Like the name says, it does a great job at building volume, it also separates lashes really well which is a big plus in my book.

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Skin Care


It’s been a long fought battle between my skin and I. I’ve struggled with acne going on 10 years now and have probably tried every face wash out there. Now my skin isn’t completely clear, but these products are ones I’ve gone back to and have seemed to make the most difference.

  • Olay Cleansing cloths: One thing I’ve always hated about washing my face and found a hassle, is splashing my face with water to get the cleanser off, which just ends up with water going everywhere. This solves that problem. They’re also softer than a wet washcloth which was always too rough for my sensitive skin.
  • Thayers Witch Hazel & Rose Petal toner: First, this stuff smells amazing. Also doesn’t feel drying like other toners might, in fact it feels really hydrating. On days I don’t wear makeup, I’ll just put some of this on a cotton pad to wipe down my face and refresh it throughout the day.
  • OZ Naturals Moisturizer: If my skin is feel exceptionally dry, this is my go to moisturizer. I use it a lot at night, occasionally I’ll switch between this and the Olay Regenerist Serum if my skin isn’t too dry (my skin goes back and forth between super dry or combination/oily)

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Sneak a Peek: Palettes


The last installment for this makeup collection series, all about makeup palettes.

As you’ll notice, I really like neutral eyeshadow palettes and I switch back and forth between these so often, I don’t really make a dent in colors very easily. Mostly because I’m like a kid with a toy, the newest one is always my favorite. For the time being.



The Urban Decay Naked Palette was one of the first I ever owned and I’m surprised by the amount of times I’ve used it that I haven’t made a dent in it. You’ll notice, the lighter shades in palettes I usually hit pan or make severe dent in, I don’t always do a full on eye look but I’ll always have a color across the whole lid and inner corner highlight. Which is why the lightest shade is always the color I use the most. This palette and a the tartelette palette I probably use the most. I’ve used every color except the two darkest from this Urban Decay palette. I probably use Toasted or Hustle the most because both look super pretty all over the lid and blended out into the crease which is my go to eye look. Super simple.

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