So I’m billing this gift guide as  one for the writers, the readers, the explorers, and the day dreamers. Which really, aren’t we all?

Basically all of these gifts are meant for inspiration, positivity, and creativity.  Is this too cheesy? Maybe. Am I still posting it? Obviously.

  1. Time is Now 99 Ideas book  || $24.95 
  2.  Mindfullness Journal || $34.95  
  3.  Lucky Token Keychain || $14
  4.  ‘No Drama Club’ mug  || $14
  5.  ‘Choose Happy’ hand stamped bar necklace || $18.70
  6. Leather keychain & headphone wrap || $13.95
  7. Initial Pen || $7.99
  8. ‘If you can read this, Bring Me Coffee’ socks || $15
  9. Other-Wordly: words both strange and lovely from around the world || $10.63
  10. ‘Balance and Breathe’ yoga candle || $15
  11. Passport Holder || $24
  12. World Traveler Patch || $14
  13. ‘Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat.’ hand stamped key chain || $10.20



This book is basically everything you need someone to tell you!


Way cheaper than real camera lenses.

If you really like inspirational quotes, this is a good book, one for every day.

I like these kind of brain teasers and puzzles to help focus but also keep your mind busy.

After a day of being creative, face masks are such a good way to relax.

You can never have too many inspirational quotes.

Because really most writers are full of self-doubt.



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