I had so much fun putting together last year’s “guide” so I decided to do another one this year. Some of these things I have and love, others are just items on my Christmas list!


I love coffee mugs, I have way too many but that doesn’t stop me from buying or wanting even more.  So why not a baseball related one? This etsy shop not only has this print on mugs, but prints for walls and shirts. Also a ton more related to other sports.



I’m a total sucker for a Wizard of Oz quote with a baseball relation and stamped on a coffee mug? I’m sold!




And to fill up those coffee cups, you’re gonna need some coffee! So why not Pudge coffee?? Yes this is a real thing and it’s so good!




I got this Beltre phone case aka the best phone case ever. It’s the only Ranger phone case Cutting Edge Cases has but who else would a Ranger fan want? They mostly sell hockey and football related cases



MLB logo and Texas? Yes please!



If you’re a journalism nerd and baseball nerd, found the perfect gift! It’s a New York Times Custom Baseball book. (It also comes for football and basketball.)  From my understanding it’s reprinted coverage of the history of your favorite team. (I’m not sure how exactly they decide which articles to include because I can’t imagine them picking all the articles ever for the Rangers from 72 to now. Someone order one and let me know!)


The Baseball Codes (Currently reading this, it starts with the Nolan Ryan headlock so just two chapters in, I’ve ruled this a must read.)

The Texas Rangers: Authorized History by Eric Nadel (My mom got this for me last year and I love it and feel like it’s not a book that many Ranger fans know about especially since it’s written by a prominent face of the Rangers baseball world. It’s a great coffee table book too if that’s a selling point for you!)

They Call Me Pudge ( This is on my list, drink your Pudge coffee while you read your Pudge book and just appreciate the newest Ranger HOFer.)


So I love bobbleheads as do most sports fans I know, and while I’ve never played sports and there’s no real reason I would ever have my own bobblehead, I think it’d be super cool to have one. Like Dwight Shrute…

Anyway, if you’re looking to get someone a really awesome custom gift (and have the money to do so), you can get a full custom bobblehead.


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