Beauty Favorites No. 4

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post and talked about my favorite makeup products. I’ve recently tried some new things and gone back to a few old and thought I’d share what I’ve been reaching for daily… or at least the days I’m going my makeup!


Laura Mercier hydration primer– This works miracles! Ok that’s an exaggeration… but it’s great if you have dry skin. It doesn’t make you oily or greasy as the day goes on but it makes foundation look so smooth. (For what it’s worth, I tried this with the silk creme foundation and returned the foundation. Totally not worth the hype in my opinion. Definitely didn’t have the coverage, wasn’t easy to blend, was slightly yellow in tone, and just overall didn’t look or feel good on my skin.)

Laura Mercier translucent powder– When I returned the foundation, I exchanged it for a travel size of the powder and I love it. Even though I have dry skin, I always powder lightly. Mostly it’s out of habit of setting foundation for the last few years, but also even though my skin is dry, I feel like throughout the day I get oily if I don’t powder.

L’Oreal Pro Matte foundation– I’ve recently gone back to this foundation and I’m once again obsessed! I had been using the It Cosmetics CC cream for the last few months but recently wasn’t loving how it sat on my face so I decided to try the L’Oreal again and I’m so glad I did. Amazing coverage and a perfect match, which is so hard since I’m pale and almost everything is too dark for me. I have dry-ish skin but this doesn’t emphasize that at all.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise– The best mascara. I pretty much love every mascara L’Oreal makes, but if you’re looking for dupe to the Too Faced better than sex, mascara, this is it. Personally, I think it’s better. It hold the curl, it doesn’t flake off, easy to build without looking crazy, I love it!

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer– I feel like I tried this maybe a year ago but I’m not sure why I only used it once. Recently decided to give it another shot and I think it’s my perfect bronzer. It’s so easy to blend out and looks super natural. It’s not too cool toned and it’s not super orange either, which I feel like most bronzers can easily look either muddy or orange on me but the tone of this one is great. It does have a pretty strong scent to it but I don’t really mind it. It kind of reminds me of something tropical and summer.

Eco Tools powder brush– I use this with the bronzer and it’s absolutely perfect, nice and fluffy, blends out the bronzer super easy and most importantly, doesn’t knock off my foundation as it blends!

Beauty Junkee spongeLove using these to apply foundation. I’ve never used the real beauty blender but I’m sure these have to be just as good… and they’re cheaper. They’re my go to and they get the job done with no problem.


Marc Jacobs Daisy– I finally found a perfume I love and it makes me feel like a real adult! Like when I was a kid, a true sign of being an adult included putting on perfume everyday so finding one I like feels like “ok, I’m not a kid.” Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Anyway, I went to Sephora (when I was returning that foundation) and went through all the perfume rollerballs and finally found one that didn’t smell so crazy. I’m not sure if there’s really a different between the Daisy perfume that’s in a clear bottle with white flowers on the lid and the black bottle with the gold flowers on the lid but the one I picked came in a black box so that’s the one I’m going to stick with!


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