Musings No.7

So I wanted to share some things that I’ve already shared on Instagram… and also elaborate on them because some times you can only put so much in an insta caption before people just don’t care anymore, right? I mean at least on my own blog, y’all just expect me to go on and on and on. Or at least I hope you do!

And maybe you don’t see my instagram posts because you don’t follow me on there… or because instagram has that stupid algorithm now so nobody sees anything these days.

Either way, now you’ll see them. And with links for things featured in it, so even better!

I am a brand ambassador for and they have the most amazing shirts and caps for any and all game days! Baseball, college football, NFL, they’re all perfect! Even better, if you use the code MorganP15, you can get 15% off your order!

I wanted to highlight one of my favorite photos. I took this back in May as well as some other photos which you can see here. The Rangers season has been over for less than a week but I am in denial and refuse to accept it… it’s just a really long off-day o.k?

I mentioned in this post that I started the book  Violated by Paula Lavigne and Paul Schlabach. I just finished it a week ago and loved it. It’s about the sexual assault and rape scandals at Baylor and with their football team. It’s obviously very heartbreaking and maddening but it’s an important topic and discussion that needs to be read. I love watching true crime and mystery shows so I also love reading the interactives series on Dallas Morning News, like The Girl in the Closet and My Aryan Princess.  I find them so fascinating, so if you like reading those type of things too, you’d probably really enjoy this. It just reminded me of an extended version of of what the DMN does because the authors of Violated are ESPN investigative reporters and they just provide so much information to what was going on at Baylor, even if you kept up with it as it unfolded in real time, this book still explains the series of events perfectly.

After I finished that, I went on to The Baseball Codes by Jason Turbow. Y’all this hooked me instantly by the second sentence because it immediately started with the Nolan Ryan headlock moment and that’s just a sure fire way to grab my attention! Anyway it’s about the unwritten rules of baseball which is one of my favorite things about baseball because it’s honestly so weird and a little dumb and doesn’t make sense but it kind of does. Unwritten rules are just wild. I’m not that far into it at all like I said, this had me all in just two sentences into it.

So I’m not super obsessed with pumpkin spice everything. I love pumpkins,  I love fall but I’m not about that pumpkin spice latte life. But give me a pumpkin spice donuts and I’m all about it. Especially if they’re gluten-free. I just found out I have celiac disease a couple weeks ago so finding good recipes, especially when it comes to baked goods. Let me tell you, these donuts are soooo good. Whether you have to eat gluten free or not, I highly recommend.

Bonus: they go great with coffee and an episode of Gilmore Girls. 😉


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