Musings No. 6 | Friday Favorites

watching: In the last couple months, I’ve binged three different shows: The Bold Type, Younger, Brooklyn 99. I’m terrible at describing shows but I would say The Bold Type and Younger are more toned down versions of Sex in the City (I’ve only seen just a few episodes here and there of that so maybe it’s not the best description but that’s what I’m going with!) All three shows are on Hulu and Brooklyn 99 comes back next week!

rediscovered: Kristen Ess hair care I use the texture spray all the time! It’s perfect after curling your hair because it makes it more undone, which is what I prefer. The dry shampoo is the best one I’ve tried. I used the leave-in conditioner and the serum all the time a few months ago, took a break from it to try other things, and now I’m back to it. The serum is great after curls as well, if you feel like your hair is looking a little dry at the ends (me always!) and then spraying it with the texture spray and you’re good to go!


reading: I have a whole shelf full of books I still need to read but that didn’t stop me from buying three more books this week. I started Violated by Paula Lavigne and Paul Schlabach. It’s about the Baylor University rape scandals. The authors are ESPN investigative reporters, and I’m already half way through the book. It’s definitely a book that makes you angry but it’s also interesting and informative.

wearing: I’ve been wearing my adidas NEO baseline sneakers non-stop. Once I finally broke them in, they’ve been so comfortable, perfect for wearing around campus or running errands. I love wearing them with leggings and t-shirt, jeans a cute top, or even dresses! They’re super trendy but still practical and will never really go out of style.

snacking: I’m on campus for classes two days out of the week and both days I mostly snack throughout the day. Because of that I try to get snacks that are easy to eat between classes and that I can just leave in my backpack and not worry about and lately I’ve been loving dried mango. And I’m a very picky eater and would never eat mango but was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked dried mango. The best part is, it’s actually really filling and ever better, healthy!


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