First Day of School

Anyone else get totally exhausted after the first day of class even though you don’t really do anything? Total information overload. I swear I never feel as exhausted during the school year as I do on the first day.

Even during finals. Which I’m sure sounds crazy to some people!

The most exciting part of this semester is I’m really getting into the bulk of the courses for my major, print/digital journalism. I’m most excited for the photography course. As y’all know, I love photography, but everything I know is pretty much self taught. I’ve never had any formal training.

Now lets talk about what I wore. It wasn’t this outfit. But that’s mostly because every time I plan to wear a dress, it’s windy and generally on campus it’s way windier than when I leave my house so I just don’t risk it. It was also cooler today, 80 degrees, and it tends to be pretty to cold in the buildings I’m in all day, so I actually ending up wearing jeans.

But what I really want to talk about are these shoes!

So adidas are very  trendy as of late in this blogger world and I fought it for the longest time. Mostly because they’re expensive. But I really wanted a tennis shoe I could pair with pretty much any outfit, would be cute, but comfortable to walk around campus all day. These are it!

They have memory foam in them so they’re super comfy, it also adds a little height if you’re a fellow short girl like me! 😉

Most importantly, I got them off Amazon prime for $20 dollars cheaper than DSW!

I watched these for about two weeks, the price will fluctuate day to day and even sometimes hourly. I will say, the price also seems to depend on the size, I’m a size 8 and the lowest I saw them go was $46. As I’m writing this (Monday night at 8 p.m.) they’re $55 ($60 at DSW) but like I said, keep an eye on them for a few days if they’re something you want to invest in!

They’re also Amazon Prime so free shipping!

I will say one thing, break them in before wearing them out! Made the mistake of wearing them to class this summer and my feet were killing me after 10 minutes and I had the worst blisters. Lesson learned!


Forever 21 | Dress (linked similar)
Adidas | Tennis Shoes
Target | Purse (old/no longer available)
Old Navy | Bracelet (not available online
but they have other cute bangles!)


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