What to Watch on Netflix + Amazon Prime

As bad as it is, most of my free time is spent browsing through Netflix but since it’s summer it’s really not that bad right? Totally acceptable! And since it is the All-Star break for MLB, there’s nothing for me to watch until Friday. So I figured I would share some of my favorite shows, movies, and documentaries in case y’all were looking for something new to watch! These aren’t all of my favorites, we would be here forever, but I tried to pick ones that I’ve watched multiple times and deserve some more love.

p.s. I’ll more than likely call every one of these “my all time favorite” but that’s because I really do love all of these and I have trouble picking favorites. Like when you’re a kid and have all your stuffed animals on your bed because you don’t want them to be lonely.



Documentaries are some of my favorite things to watch, especially about events that I know very little about or have only heard about in passing. These are my favorite because they’re very well put together and you get a lot of information very quickly. They aren’t boring and drawn out and they really make you think.

13TH: About the criminalization of African Americans and the U.S. prison boom

THE HUNTING GROUND: About the sexual assault and rape epidemic on college campuses

BLACKFISH: Examines whales in captivity at Sea World

THE WHITE HELMETS: About the first responders that rescue victims of airstrikes in Syria.

THE KEEPERS: Two former students investigating the death of a nun in Baltimore in 1969

FIVE CAME BACK: Five Hollywood film makers who joined the armed forces to make films for World War 2


I wanted to include one that I’ve watched over and over, Four Days in October, but Netflix apparently took it down.  I haven’t watched many sports documentaries because usually I’m looking for more serious documentaries but these two are my favorite.

FASTBALL:  About the top fastball pitchers, the movement of fastballs, and who really threw the fastest fastball

LAST CHANCE U: Football at East Mississippi Community College,  I would call it the college, real life version of Friday Night Lights.

stand up

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. These stand up specials are some of my favorite, I’ve watched both of John Mulaney’s more times than I can count and each time I die laughing.






SONS OF ANARCHY: I’m still in denial that this show has ended and it’s been almost three years. DEFINITELY not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it.

JESSICA JONES, DAREDEVIL, LUKE CAGE: I’m not someone who watches every superhero movie/show and of all the marvel movies, I’ve only seen the iron man TRILOGY and the first avengers movie. these are the first three of the four defenders (the iron fist is out but i haven’t watched it) and they’re so good! daredevil season 1 is a bit slow because it’s a lot of intro information but season two is amazing. the only downside, because these are all intertwined, it does seem like forever before a new season comes out and you have to watch them in order. Daredevil s1 > Jessica Jones > Daredevil s2 > Luke Cage

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: This is another go to show if i’m not in the mood for comedy and if i just finished re-watching the newsroom. football, Texas, Kyle chandler, Taylor kitsch, and Connie Britton, what more could you want?


NEWSROOM:  Aaron Sorkin is a dialogue genius and this sow is my absolute favorite! I’ve watched it at least nine times all the way through and it never gets old.

THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE: If you enjoy history and historical fiction, you’ll enjoy this. The premise of this show is what the U.S. would be like in the 60’s if the allies lost World War 2.

Let me know what your favorite thing to watch is and happy watching! Don’t forget the snacks!

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