Hot pink laser cut out dress


Finally sharing this dress! Y’all know I usually stick with neutrals and this hot pink is certainly not something normally in my closet but it totally jumped out at me while scrolling through SheIn. The bright pink is hard to miss.

I got it while it was on sale a few months ago, this dress is normally just $17 (as of writing this on Monday, it’s only $13!) and while I usually wouldn’t go for a dress this bold, I couldn’t pass it up. I like that while it has the bright color and the cutout detail at the bottom, it’s a super easy dress and fairly simple. No need to worry about accessories and any show would go with it whether it’s sandals, flats, or wedges/heels. 

I will say, it runs a bit small. I’m normally a medium but I purchased this in a medium and I’m so happy I did. It definitely runs small but the large fits perfectly for my preference. I would also say it might not work if you’re much taller than I am. I’m 5’2″ and the length is good for me, but I definitely can’t raise my arms above my head.

At the bottom of the post, I liked both the dress and heels. The heels I’m wearing are a few years old but Target has the same style every year with just the slightest difference. So technically they aren’t the exact shoes I’m wearing, they’re the same style, just the heel itself is a slightly different color.



SheIn Laser Cut Dress |

Target Heels |


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