Game Day No.2


Last Friday I went to my first Rangers game of the season with my best friend, Cassidy. Armed with our cameras, zoom lenses, and giveaway Texas Tech Ranger caps in right field, we spent some innings just snapping away. I really didn’t think I had taken that many photos… until I uploaded them Saturday morning and saw almost 800 photos on my memory card.

It was so worth it though.

These are some of my favorite photos I’ve probably ever taken, definitely the best baseball photos.

While staying as far away from home run and foul balls as we could (we were fully prepared to duck and cover for any ball coming within 100 feet of us and letting any one of the kids with gloves surrounding protect us) we watched six innings in the outfield before moving away from the screaming 8-year-olds and to foul territory on 3rd base side, scouting out the best spots for the firework show.

In between moving seats, I made an enemy in the Rangers mascot.

Long story short, we walked passed him, Cassidy and I both had the feeling that he was going to mess with one of us. So we did what everyone does when you don’t want to be messed with but kind of makes you an obvious target anyway, we avoided eye contact. However, since I was closer I became the victim of a jump scare by Rangers Captain. The horse basically stomped at me, I jumped, and thus we became enemies.

Anyway, for the last three innings not only did our new seats become the perfect spot for the post game firework show, they became really got spots for photos of the walk-off celebration!

I’ve been to about 10 Ranger games now and each time I’ve seen a different starting pitcher for the Rangers and up until Friday, I had seen a different opposing team. Not only did Friday break that streak since this would be the second time I saw the Oakland A’s play the Rangers, I also finally have a streak going! Every other game I’ve been to for the last five years has been a loss, I had never gone to back to back wins or losses… until Friday.

Coincidentally, not only was this the second time seeing Oakland, it’s the second time I’ve seen Oakland lose due to a walk-off homer by the Rangers third baseman, that has to be a cool stat somewhere right? In 2014, my dad and I witnessed an Adrian Beltre walk-off homer and on Friday Cassidy and I watched Joey Gallo hit one. (Gallo’s hit the right field foul pole and proceeded to ricochet into the seats in left field, just a few rows from our originally seats!)

So after that we stayed for the firework show, which was amazing but also firework pictures are not as easy to take as I imagined!  Although, after seeing how the photos turned out, I’m so looking forward to my next trip to the ballpark!









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