Beauty Favorites Vol. 3


I blame YouTube for my makeup obsession. I try to limit it and then suddenly a million new products come out that I need to try.

Totally got sucked in with this new Revolution eye shadow palette. This Fortune favors the Brave palette instantly grabbed my attention with the neutrals. I really loved the matte, satin, and the more metallic shades. I haven’t done much with this palette yet but just based on the swatches, I think this will become my go to palette. I will say, I probably won’t use the blues ever, I’m not one for color on the lid but I definitely not much of a blue person if I do reach for color.  The bottom two rows will probably end up being what I reach for the most.

Another Makeup Revolution I bought recently and I’ve been loving is the Skin Kiss highlighter in Peach Kiss

It looks a little daunting because it’s pretty peachy/orange and looks like it would be chunky with glitter. The swatch looks intense as well but used with a fan brush, its the perfect natural glow.

The last few weeks I’ve been trying out the NYX epic ink liner and it’s moved to the number one slot when it comes to liquid liners. You know when you use a pen liner and sometimes it seems dry? Or you really have to work with it to get a solid, opaque line? Well this pen doesn’t do any of that. It glides on so smoothly without any effort. The felt tip is so saturated but not too much where it just makes a mess. It’s seriously the best liner I’ve used.

Lastly, I’ve been rotating through mascara on a daily basis. I have a few travel size mascara’s I’ve been trying out but recently I went back to an old favorite. The L’Oreal Waterproof Extra Volume Collagen Mascara is the one I’ve been reaching for a lot lately, especially with my allergies going crazy. With the constant sneezing and itchy eyes, I needed a waterproof mascara I knew I could trust not to run down my face when I have a sneeze attack in the middle of the day!

So, once I get to really dig into the palette, I’ll definitely write an updated post about it and let y’all know my thoughts on it!

What are some of your recent makeup faves?



4 thoughts on “Beauty Favorites Vol. 3

  1. Barbara Erker says:

    Wow…love the colors in the eye shadow pallet. Let me know how you like it. Will have to try your eyeliner, although I’ve been using Physicians Formula and really like it.

    Liked by 1 person

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