Off the shoulder


Anyone else counting down the days for this semester to end?

I’ll admit when this semester first started, it felt like it was flying by. Lately it’s starting to feel like it just won’t end. I felt so busy from the start, I’m ready for a few months off! Especially from my commute.

Anyway, once the semester is over I’ll have plenty more time for the blog and to take photos and hopefully get back to my two times weekly posting schedule that I had for a while there!

When I first ordered this top, I was so close to getting it in blue. But I talked myself out of my neutral and blue habit and went with the pink for spring. I still need to transition out of my black jeans though, I’m just not ready to give them up.

My one complaint about this top is the straps. You’ll see I had some obvious struggles with them. A) they’re not really necessary and b) if they are necessary they should be sewn further in. Depending on the shirt, my shoulders could be seen as broader but the way these straps are, you’d have to have really broad shoulders for them to be useful straps.

These shoes I got last summer, mostly because they’re similar to the Chanel ones that are crazy expensive. I’ll be honest, these are a little difficult to walk in because the slip off in the back, but that’s my own fault for not going down a half size. Target doesn’t have these exact shoes anymore but I’m linking similar styles below!





OLD NAVY TOP | OLD NAVY JEANS | FOREVER 21 BAG TARGET SHOES (linked similar here, here, and here)


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