2017 Goals || March Update

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I totally had this planned to go up earlier this week but school has been crazy. So much was due this week and I’ve been swamped!

I’m excited for this update because February-March was really good for accomplishing my goals.  Especially the ones that I didn’t do much with in January.

2017 Goals

January Update

1. Watching more baseball and more photography went together especially in March.  My best friend and I went to the Rangers ballpark to watch Texas Tech play UT Arlington so I took my camera and I was so happy I did because the sunset that night was gorgeous.

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2. I’ve been writing a lot for my school paper, I’ve written two articles for Lone Star Ball which you can read here and I’ll also be writing weekly Ranger recaps there as well!

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3. I’ve been really sticking to routines, especially in March. Both skin care and working out, the two main goals. My skin care routine is here. And to start a workout routine, I’ve been doing Hasfit challenges. I’m currently in week three of the 30 day ab challenge… definitely won’t have a 6-pack or anything but I’m feeling the burn for sure! The 30 day challenge to get in shape is also really good! I like these because the workout schedule is all laid out right there, so I don’t have to think about which workout I want to do that day. They’re pretty quick workouts too and lately when I’ve been doing the ab challenge, if I want to do an arm or leg workout after, it’s super easy to find a workout I can add in to the one already scheduled.

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4. The one goal I really slacked on the last two months is reading. I’ve been so swamped with school that any free time I have has been devoted to watching TV or sleeping. I just had not motivation to pick up a book after reading text books and studying class notes. That definitely didn’t stop me from buying more books though! With the semester coming to a close, I’m totally ready to speed through some in the next month or two!

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I decided these would be better as every other month posts, next goal check in will be in May!

What goals have you accomplished in the last couple of months?


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