Skincare Routine || Favorite Face Masks

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I’m the worst when it comes to skincare routines. I can keep up with it for a few weeks and then I skip a day and that ruins the routine. Lately, I’ve been better about it because I’ve been doing a face mask every day. My skin goes through phases of looking like it’s finally going to clear up and then it freaks out. So when I do a face mask, I feel like I’m getting my skin back on track and because of that, I’ve been doing them daily.

It also insures that I’m washing my face every day. I always wash my face if I’ve worn makeup that day, I’m really good about taking my makeup off before bed. But if I don’t wear makeup, I almost never think about washing my face. That’s where the face mask comes in.

If I wore makeup that day, I always start with taking it off with Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I feel like this really gets all my makeup off and helps clean my skin so usually I’ll put a mask on right after. If I didn’t wear makeup, I’ll just wipe my face down with toner and then do a mask.

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My favorite masks are the Que Bella masks from Target, two dollars. I can get two uses, sometimes three, out of one packet so they’re super cheap for the amount you get.

My favorites are the Pomegranate peel off mask, the Purifying tee tree and witch hazel mud mask (great for sudden breakouts) and the Aloe Vera cream mask.

Those are the three from I use most often, I’m currently trying a few others as well. This pack of six masks includes my three favorites plus a brightening mask I’ve used once so far but loved as well as two others I’m planning to try this week.

They also have the best gel eye masks too!

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I don’t like to use the same masks on back to back days, like the purifying one I’ll use every other day because sometimes it can feel to intense to use everyday. So if I’m having a bad breakout, I’ll alternate between that and the SheaMoisture African Black Soap mud mask (personally I think it smells like Play Doh, totally not a bad thing.) It feels cold and refreshing on the skin and not as harsh as the Que Bella purifying mask can feel at times. I linked the jar of it but Target has it in packets too if you don’t want to commit to a jar before trying it.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetBefore bed I put on the Timeless B5 Hydration Serum and the Oz Naturals Super Youth Retinol Moisturizer. After just using it for one night, I noticed an immediate difference. It helped my breakouts, my redness, and made my skin super soft. I also use the B5 in the mornings. It says you can use the retinol moisturizer day and night but it could dry you out, if that’s the case, I stop using it in the mornings. I also really like the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream. While my skin is combination, lately it’s been leaning towards the dry side so I want all the hydration I can get!

On days I’m wearing no makeup or a foundation without SPF, I also use the Oz Naturals Mineral Sunscreen moisturizer.  I’ve always been allergic to almost anything containing an SPF but so far this has been the best one for my skin.

Hopefully by posting this, I’ll keep up with this routine long enough to see a huge change in my skin!


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