Bundled Up


So much for keeping up with two posts a week. Really a my bad. This week just went a lot faster than I expected it to. Especially with school. It’s hard to believe it’s the end of February, especially with the weather. It’s basically Spring in Texas… well except for today because it’s cold again. I just can’t keep up with what season Texas wants.

As much as I want to fight against the spring weather, and mostly I’m just not ready to deal with the heat for the next six months, I am kind of excited to wear some of my new spring clothes.

Even though I feel like I didn’t really get to wear all my scarves and jackets as much as I had hoped, at least I know I’ll definitely get some wear out of my spring and summer pieces. Probably so much that I’ll be sick of them.

I’m going to work on some posts this weekend, so next week I’ll be back to my two posts a week. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get three out but for sure I’ll have two. I’m hoping to get some down time to read. There has been multiple times this week where I’ve thought about sitting down to read and instead I just lay in bed and watch The Office instead.

Hope y’all have a relaxing weekend! Baseball is back…. I know it’s just spring training games but it’s baseball!!!


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