2017 Goals // January update


img_8324I decided to do monthly updates on the where I am with my goals for the year. That way I can keep track of my progress and keep that progress going.

As a refresher, my goals: more photography, watch more baseball, find a new sport, read more, write more, stick with routines, and my blog.

  1. First, I haven’t done much with photography. I’ll be honest, the last couple weeks of my winter break, I total lazed around my house and just enjoyed my last few days of sleeping in and staying up too late. And since classes started, I’m either on campus doing homework, in class, or I’m at home trying not to fall asleep at 7pm.
  2. Watching more baseball isn’t really an option since baseball hasn’t started yet. I’m not too happy about it. But February will be better! Pitchers and catchers return on Valentines Day because after all baseball is true love.
  3. Finding a new sport to follow has made some progress. Currently I’m covering swim and dive for my University’s paper and it’s interesting. Definitely still learning. Also I tried giving basketball another chance… by that I mean I turned it on the other night while writing and totally tuned it out. Oops.
  4. I’ve definitely been reading more. The last few days of my winter break, I read three books in three days and felt like I really got back into my reading kick. I’m working on a review post about them that should be up this week, I’m aiming for Friday.
  5. At first it felt like I hadn’t been writing much but now looking back on the month, I think I’ve made progress. I am writing for my university’s paper like I mentioned, I’ve also written a Rangers post for Lone Star Ball (I’ll still be writing baseball on here too!) and trying to write at least a post a week here, which feels like a good pace.
  6. Still working on routines, nothing I’ve done qualifies as a routine just yet. I’m still working on the 10,000 steps a day routine, having a Fitbit totally helps with this because it’s like a challenge to myself seeing the steps and where I’m at. But other than walking, no new workout routine. I’m still working on the skin care routine. It’s a process.
  7. I’m doing good with the one post a week, that feels really good. I’m trying to write a few posts in advance to help me stay on track and inspired.

Overall I feel really good about the progress on my goals, I’ve been doing a little of each. So hopefully this month I can work on the ones I’ve put on the side!




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