The Need for Change


Stuck in a rut.

That’s what took this blog post so long. I have a really weird relationship with change. With certain things, I absolutely despise change. Other things, I get bored with quickly and want nothing but change. Like this blog.

I’ve been looking into changing it up. The name. The layout. Just a different look. And because I’m super indecisive and picky, it hasn’t happened. Which is why blog posts have been coming out slower and fewer. Because I’m fixated on the need for change.

So remember the part were I said I hate change? Mostly due to the fact that I get used to a way something is and afraid if I change it, I won’t like it. That’s why the layout hasn’t changed just yet. Also picking one blog name was difficult enough, coming up with a second is even harder.  I don’t think I have the wit or creativity for it.

It’s all still a work in progress really.

Still trying to get at least one post a week, just hang in here with me and know that I’m trying. Especially more so now that I have a month off from school 🙂

dress // old navy
shoes // payless
purse // target (no longer available)
jacket// kohls (couple years old, similar here)




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