Blue Blazer


Three more classes, one test, two finals, and then I am home free for this semester. This was my first semester at a university and I must say, while exhausting at times, it was definitely fun.

I’m so looking forward to winter break, definitely the down time but also more time to put into the blog. Outfit posts definitely lagged the last few months, finding time to take photos was more difficult than expected but I’ll have plenty of time during the break to accumulate and plan posts.

I wanted to make this a longer post but I’m going to be honest, I got nothing. My brain is still in school mode and trying to remember test information. I could talk about sociology of sport or ancient philosophy but you probably didn’t come here for that and don’t want to hear about it. So I’ll end this here and have plenty more to say in the next post.

P.S. working on a baseball post right now if you also read those 😉

blazer// old navy (exact not linked)
white tee // target
ripped ankle jeans // old navy 
heels // target (linked similar style)
purse // target (no longer available)



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