Guide to Giving Gifts to the Sports Fans of the World


Yes I did put my Odor bobblehead in my Christmas tree for this photo


So I’m sure you’ve seen the million and one gift guides floating around out there. Pretty sure that’s the official count. Well make this one million and two. I debated about doing one of these. Mostly because so many people do them, why should I? Also, I’m the worst at coming up with a Christmas list to give my family anyway. But just think of this has a glorified sticky note, my own wishlist I’m writing down on the internet.

My Christmas list usually ends up with vague items such as gift cards and cute coffee mugs, this year I tried to get more specific and in doing so I asked for a lot of sports/baseball related items. So this is going to be a sports (but let’s be real, mostly baseball) specific gift guide.

Some of these items are actually on my Christmas list, other items are things I wish I put on my Christmas list but forgot. Maybe it’ll spark inspiration for your own list or what to get someone else.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of shirts linked because I really love t-shirts. Also books. Just thought that should be said.



Every year I always have ‘Ranger t-shirts’ on my list. I never have an specific one I want, as long as it’s the Rangers, I’m happy. However, over the last couple of months, I’ve come across quite some more unique team shirts.

Bullzerk has some really amazing t-shirts. They’re hilarious and soft, the most important parts to a t-shirt. They have a lot of Texas shirts that aren’t sports related but for the sake of this guide, I picked the sports ones.

Not sure what team shirt to get them? Get one that covers all the bases (see what I did there? 😉 )

This is my… Dallas // fan t-shirt // This is my.. Houston

Tired of people saying the Rangers play in Dallas? Go to a lot of Mavs and Stars games? Spend a ton of money on the Cowboys? These shirts are for you!

It’s Arlington // My AA Center // Jerry’s World

P.S. I promise they have t-shirts that aren’t navy!

I love looking at Fresh Brewed Tees, they have a ton of fun t-shirts, mostly baseball, mostly Cleveland. Right now they have a new collection of ugly Christmas sweaters, at least one for every major league team, these are my favorites:

Napoli sweater // Odor sweater // Yu sweater

and for the crying Jordan meme fans:


Crying Jordan sweater

Another great place for tees and caps, Routine. 

Live BP // I love bad Pitches // these throws ain’t loyal

Green light // Home



The Best Team Money Can Buy by Molly Knight

100 things Ranger fans should know and do before they die (I found this book really interesting, also mentions why the current ballpark doesn’t have a roof)

Getting the Call by Lana Berry (haven’t started this yet but it’s amazing just based off the people she interviewed for it)

The rest of these went on my Christmas list year, as recommended to me from twitter.

Ballgame!: A Decade Covering the Texas Rangers from the Best Seat in the House by Josh Lewin

Now I Can Die in Peace: How The Sports Guy Found Salvation Thanks to the World Champion (Twice!) Red Sox by Bill Simmons

Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend by Larry Tye

Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero by David Maraniss

The Bad Guys Won by Jeff Pearlman

The Bill James Historical Abstract

The Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship by David Halberstam

I Had a Hammer: The Hank Aaron Story by Hank Aaron

The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports by Jeff Passan

Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad, and the Things I’m Not Allowed to Say on TV by Joe Buck


Have some blank space on your walls? Fill the space with a blue print of your favorite ballpark (or football stadium.) Or a wood relief sculpture (they don’t have Rangers ballpark but the ones they do have are still super cool!)

StadiumGraph wood relief sculpture // Ballpark Blueprints


If you don’t have room for your wall, the blueprints come on mugs too. Who couldn’t use another key chain? (well actually, me) Want something made out of glove leather?

Blueprint mug // Baseball key chain // Baseball glove wallet

Annnnnd that’s all I got. Which let’s be real, it’s more than enough, that’s an entire list worth of sports things. I didn’t link or picture everything I loved, this guide would be a hundred pages long if I did. But I promise once you click a link, you’ll drown in all the possibilities of sports gifts. You’ll fall into a sports gifts hole and soon you’ll realize you’ve been looking at t-shirts and books for a couple hours. Not that I know this from experience or anything…

Happy shopping/list making/link clicking!


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