Thanksgiving Outfit


This is the outfit I plan to wear tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Plan being the key word. I love wearing dresses on holiday’s, makes the day feel even more special. But much like most years, I plan to wear a dress and a couple hours later I decide dresses are kind of a pain. So I quickly change into leggings and a flannel after maybe an hour. At least long enough for the dress to be seen!

This dress has been one of my favorite recent buys. I’m also obsessed with this color, every year I’m drawn towards it.

Can’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of how the shoes look with this outfit. I tried it on at my house, thought it worked, now I’m no so sure. But you live and you learn right? Sometimes you have to try new and different things and then laugh at yourself when you feel ridiculous! Because if you can’t laugh at yourself what can you laugh at?

Even though I’m not sure these shoes were the best for this dress, I will say these look great with skinny jeans and they’re pretty comfortable too! 😉

drop waist dress \\ old navy (currently 40% off)
purse \\ old from sam moon’s, similar here
shoes \\ payless (currently $10 off)



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