Musings No. 2

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With being sick all last week and still working on a balance for school working on the blog and have time to relax between all of that, I decided the easiest post for today/this week would be another musings post. Since these posts are more of a quick catch up post, I thought it would also be the most fun to share what I’m loving recently and just have a chatty post!


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So I got a couple new makeup items over the last week, like I needed any more. Oops. I picked up the Milani eyeshadow primer and the Tantastic face and body baked bronzer. I’ve yet to use the bronzer, but based on swatches it’s going to be a gorgeous glow. I used the eyeshadow primer today and I’m loving it.

My mom gave me this It Cosmetics powder and it is amazing. It looks kind of scary when you swatch it because it’s so glowy and illuminating. But when you apply it with a brush, I use this one, it just makes your skin look flawless and healthy.

I needed a new eyebrow pencil, instead of getting the NYX pencil, I decided to try the tinted brow mascara because I figured it might be quicker and easier to apply in the mornings when I’m in a rush. I’ve used it once so far and it’s alright, I just think I could’ve gotten one shade darker (I got the shade in Blonde.)

I also went on a false lashes kick and bought 4 different sets. The lashes on the top right of the picture are the most natural looking lashes I’ve seen, not sure my picture or the one online does it justice but it’s basically how I wish my lashes looked on a regular basis. The others pictured seem to be the go-to for most when getting lashes, the demi wispies. Today I wore the natural demure lashes, they’re not my favorite. They’re a little shorter than my actual lashes and I don’t think they did much for me. I also got the glamour wispies because they looked fun for holidays/special occasions.


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Lastly, I’ve been using a couple new products that have changed my skin so much, for the better. After washing my face and using toner, before bed I use the B5 hydrating serum and then the Botanics hydrating All Bright night cream. It has made my skin so soft and I really think it’s prevented so many breakouts and even has healed previous ones.



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Almost immediately after my first Musings post, when I told you I started a book a couple months ago and have yet to finish it, I went to Target and bought three new books.

Because book addictions are healthy addictions, right?

I plan to dedicate an entire post to books here soon, but I just finished Where They Found Her and have moved on to The Forgotten Girls. I like mystery, suspense, sometime’s romance thrown in, dark, drama books.It just depends on my mood. My two favorite books of all time favorite books are Gone Girl and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Clearly, I’m a complex person.

// TV SHOWS //

It’s mostly procrastination, but I have watch a lot of TV lately.

The show Pitch, is very quickly becoming my absolute favorite show. If you don’t know what this show is, it’s a scripted show on Fox and it’s about the first female in Major League Baseball. It is so well written!

Caught up with How To Get Away with Murder,  how that show consistently has the best cliffhangers every single week is beyond me.

The Walking Dead starts tomorrow and I am terrified, TERRIFIED, to find out who dies. It’s going to be brutal and I’m no prepared.  It’s gonna hit me in all the feels, I just know it.

I watched Last Chance U, it’s about junior college football in Mississippi. It is so good, it’s basically Friday Night Lights but college edition and I can’t wait until the second season comes out… next year.

Isn’t that the worst part of Netflix shows? Waiting a year for the next season.


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I’m on the hunt for the perfect suede skirt. It’s my favorite trend right now but because I’m short with a long torso and short legs, finding the right one to match my proportions is proving difficult. I almost want to give up on looking for one, but I can picture all the outfits in my head that would be perfect with a skirt that I just can’t give up yet.

What are some things y’all are loving?


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