Musings No.1

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I’ve been wanting to write a more random blog post for a while now. Just a post where I could talk about multiple different topics that didn’t fall completely under the other three tabs. So I made a new tab, lifestyle. Which basically can be read as ‘miscellaneous.’ Of course these posts will more than likely have a little style, beauty, and/or baseball thrown in the mix but it’s more of a place to talk about different topics I can’t dedicate a whole post to. A place where I can talk about books, movies, tv shows, music, or any topic I just want to write a quick blurb about! Also most of my future photography posts will probably end up in this tab as well.

The lifestyle tab itself will consist of all the posts from the ‘Musings’ series as well as any posts that don’t fall under the other categories. Just consider it a file of misfit posts.


I want to add on to a few blog posts on here, some updates to them.

  • I mentioned individual false lashes in this post and I used them for the first time about a week ago and loved them. I found them super east to apply and I couldn’t even feel them, which was something I was worried about. Highly recommend.
  • I added something to my backpack since making this post. I got a little travel bag to put band-aids, neosporin,hand sanitizer, a travel deodorant, Advil, and chapstick. Just basic things that would be useful and easy to move if I happen to switch out bags.


  • Currently I’m reading The Best Team Money Can Buy by Molly Knight. And by currently I mean I started it two months ago and I’m still on chapter three. Its absolutely a great book, I recommend it to every baseball fan whether you’re a fan of the Dodgers or not. I’m just one of those people that either read a book in 3 hours or 3 months.
  • One of my favorite authors is K.Ryan, I could be biased because she’s a friend and I get advanced peeks at her work, but trust me I’d be saying this friend or not. Her latest book, All of the Lights is so good. Think modern day Romeo and Juliet with a Boston twist. If you’re someone that loves a good build-up, lots of details, and a great pay-off, her books are a must read. The Carry your Heart series is my all time favorite, I’ve re-read it multiple times which is something I rarely do. All three books are great if you like darker, sometimes gut-wrenching, beautiful romance, page turning plot. If that’s not your thing, no worries she has a great book called Finding Emma that’s adorable and lighter than the other three. And she’s currently working on her next book!


  • This weekend I’m taking some dance photos for a friend and I’m super excited about it! Last year I took some for her and it was a blast and to this day there is one photo that is one of my all time favorites.

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// MUSIC //

  • I’ve basically been listening to two things non-stop, Hamilton soundtrack and the Suicide Squad soundtrack.
  • I’ve tossed around the idea of making a post of my favorite songs on here, if y’all would be interested?
  • Always looking for new music, so send recommendations my way!

// TV SHOWS //

  • I just caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, I need to catch up on How To Get Away with Murder because I watched the first half of season two but don’t remember all that happened so that’s on my binge watch list for the weekend.
  • All the Chicago shows start back up, I’m mostly looking forward to Chicago PD, anything with Sophia Bush is my automatic fav!
  • Anyone watch Narcos?  I struggled through season one, then season two looked good and I’ve watched maybe three episodes but it takes so much focus to watch that I’m never in the mood to watch.

// HAUL //

  • I got a few things from Old Navy recently and I posted a picture on instagram (also below) and wanted to link them on here. I wish it was cold enough to wear the cardigan right now but I guess I’ll just be happy I can wear the shirt!Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

// QUOTE //

One of my favorite blog/sports twitter/podcast/person in general is Lana Berry and everyday this week she has been sending out an email newsletter (every email includes a puppy gifs so you should definitely check it out!) and one email this week included how she deals with trolls on social media and dealing with people who just don’t like you and being ok with it. I loved what she said at the end and it’s basically my new motto:

“Just remember there are some people who don’t like Beyonce.
And if there are some people who don’t like Beyonce,
it’s ok if some people don’t like you.”


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