Back to School Bag

IMG_7997.JPGMy favorite part of starting classes up again is the school supplies. I don’t know what makes picking out pens, planners, and spirals so satisfying. Maybe it feels like I’ve got my school life together before the semester really starts getting crazy. There’s just something about it that makes me feel prepared and organized even if it is just for the first couple of weeks into the semester!

This is my first semester at a university, I’ve spent the last two years at community college, so this year I went for a “real” backpack. When I was at community college, I took a few classes a semester online so I didn’t have much to lug around with me on campus. Because of that, I always opted for a more “fashion forward” backpack like this or a bigger tote bag. However, this semester all my classes are on campus so I’m carrying a bit more than I have years previous, so practicality won out over cute.

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I have a love hate relationship with planners. I love the idea of them, I love cute ones. I hate that I’m not good with them. Usually after the first month of classes, I’ve given up on a planner. I just forget to write in it, or I forget to check it. Usually I just go based on my memory of what we did in class. So this year, my goal is to use my planner religiously. Here’s hoping it works! This is the planner I have for the year, and so far the layout really works for me. That’s another thing I’m picky about, the layout of planners. I have to be able to see the whole week on a page.

When it comes to writing in my planner, I can be very OCD about it. I don’t like to use multiple pen colors, so all the black ink starts to run together and it becomes overwhelming for me to see the really important assignments that’s jumbled in between the other assignments.

So to combat that, I got these planner stickers, which so far have actually really helped me out. At the beginning of each semester, I go through all my course calendars and write all the test dates and major projects down. I write them down on the weekly calendar and the monthly part so I can get a really good overview of what weeks of the month I’m busiest and what days of the weeks I’ll be doing a lot. These stickers really help make the major assignments stand out from other smaller assignments, homework, or any notes I’ve made that aren’t as important.

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I always use a small makeup bag as a pencil case. They’re usually bigger than the other pencil cases I’ve seen, so they can hold more pens and highlighters. I also usually like to put headphones in there so I know I always have them for between classes. I usually throw a pack of gum in there as well for when I need something to hold off my hunger a little longer during classes.

Speaking of hunger, I always have snacks in my backpack. It never fails, I always get hungry either right before class or during it and I don’t always have time to eat a full meal between classes, so snacks are the way to go!

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Murphy really likes snacks too

It’s also very handy to keep an umbrella in your backpack, I learned that the hard way on the first day of this semester when I got caught in a downpour. Also if you commute to school like I do and want to be extra prepared, keep an extra change of clothes and shoes in your car (or backpack if you have the space.) It’ll come in handy if you need to change because your shoes or outfit become uncomfortable through out the day, or you spill on yourself, or if you get soaked in storm. Or even if you live somewhere like I do where it’s so freaking hot and you just sweat too much. Which in that case, it’s also good to have a travel size body spray and/or deodorant! Can never be to prepared!

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