Drop Waist Dress


I’m really happy to share this post with y’all. Mostly because it’s a bunch of my favorites.If you follow me on instagram (@morgannprice) you’ve noticed how much I love this new purse because I’ve worn it basically everyday since I got it a little over a week ago. I also got this dress around the same time and I was really excited to take pictures in it because I’m obsessed with it.

I don’t know about y’all but doesn’t it seem like your hair only turns out perfect when you aren’t going anywhere? Messy buns always turn out perfectly when you’re chilling at home with no plans, braids always turn out perfectly when you’re just practicing and then the day you need it to cooperate, your hair just refuses. Well I got lucky and this braid didn’t budge, although it did take a few tries before I got it to lay right.

Also I loved how all of these pictures turned out, you’ll noticed I included a few more than normal because it was hard to narrow down. For once I had quite a few good ones of me smiling/laughing, and usually that’s not the case. I’m kind of an awkward person and smiling for no reason or just looking at the camera in general feels awkward, which is why I’m usually looking down or to the side, or wearing sunglasses 80% of the time. Which if you didn’t notice it before, I’ve now pointed it out so you’ll notice every time 😐

I know I’ve mentioned before, and I’m sure it’s obvious, I really like cross body purses. Well I noticed the majority of the ones I own, well all actually, are square or rectangular. Many style bloggers have the Chloe Drew bag, which is super beautiful but equally super expensive. Target does a good job of mimicking designer bags, so I was really excited when I found this one for almost two thousand dollars cheaper. Target also has this bag that also similar to the Chloe bag.

I got this dress in medium, I could’ve easily gone down to a small and it would’ve been a perfect fit, however I bought this in store and there was a tag that warned this fabric would probably shrink after being washed and I didn’t want to risk getting a small, wearing it once and then have it shrink where I wouldn’t be able to wear it. So while medium is a bit roomy, I’m ok with it, but just something to be aware of if you are interested in purchasing this dress!

Target drop waist dress (Navy seems to be sold out but I linked the same dress in white) // WhoWhatWear for Target purse // Old Navy sandals



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