Skin Care


It’s been a long fought battle between my skin and I. I’ve struggled with acne going on 10 years now and have probably tried every face wash out there. Now my skin isn’t completely clear, but these products are ones I’ve gone back to and have seemed to make the most difference.

  • Olay Cleansing cloths: One thing I’ve always hated about washing my face and found a hassle, is splashing my face with water to get the cleanser off, which just ends up with water going everywhere. This solves that problem. They’re also softer than a wet washcloth which was always too rough for my sensitive skin.
  • Thayers Witch Hazel & Rose Petal toner: First, this stuff smells amazing. Also doesn’t feel drying like other toners might, in fact it feels really hydrating. On days I don’t wear makeup, I’ll just put some of this on a cotton pad to wipe down my face and refresh it throughout the day.
  • OZ Naturals Moisturizer: If my skin is feel exceptionally dry, this is my go to moisturizer. I use it a lot at night, occasionally I’ll switch between this and the Olay Regenerist Serum if my skin isn’t too dry (my skin goes back and forth between super dry or combination/oily)

  • Also again I want to mention the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water, I think this has really affected my skin in a positive way. On days I’m really lazy, I’ll just use this to remove my makeup and be done for the night. And it leaves my skin really clean and hasn’t broken out my skin like other makeup removers.
  • Que Bella Face masks: These are my favorite face masks ever. The purifying face mask is my absolute favorite when my skin freaks out and has a bad breakout. I’ll use in the afternoon or night and the next day, the breakout is already mostly cleared up, not nearly as red or irritated as it had been before using the mask. The purifying mask is also really good if you have sensitive skin, I’ve used other masks that felt like it burned but this one feels really cooling.



2 thoughts on “Skin Care

  1. Lydia B. says:

    I have a few of the Que Bella masks lying around my bedroom floor. (I know, I need to do something about that!) You may have convinced me to use those little guys. I’ve been loving Tony Moly masks a looooot. I’d be lying if I said it’s due in part to how cute they are!

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    • peplumsandpitches says:

      I love the Que Bella ones! And they’re super cheap at Target (like $2 whereas they’re $11 on amazon for some reason) I don’t think I’ve tried Tony Moly but I’m definitely a suck for cute packaging!


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