Blog Worthy


This was not the outfit I had in mind the day I took photos for this blog post. I was having one of those days where I hated everything in my closet, nothing really looked right, the clothes I wanted to wear were in the hamper, and just stood in my closet staring blankly at my clothes for a solid five minutes. Everyone has those days right?

Finally I just decided on this outfit. But it made me realize something. The reason I wasn’t completely sold on wearing this outfit for a blog post was because it was “too simple” and not “blog worthy.” I’ve talked about the struggle of a blog worthy outfit before in this post.

And every once in awhile, I catch myself thinking “Well that’s not really blog worthy is it?” and I realize how stupid it is. My favorite bloggers to follow are the ones that aren’t overly styling their outfits or trying to hard. I like the ones that wear simple outfits, ones I can recreate with what I have in my closet and get inspiration from.

It also made me realize if I’m too busy worrying about if an outfit is “blog worthy” or not, am I really doing this blog for me or am I just trying to impress others. It sounds really lame I know, but I’m a chronic overthinker. So I decided a simple dress, simple purse, and sandals. Thats me. Especially summer me when it’s too hot to really come up with an outfit most days.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all the outfits before this post were outfits I was overthinking for the sake of “blog worthiness,”  every outfit on here is an outfit I really love and have worn multiple times which is why I share it but there are definitely times I get caught up in “well is this going to get a lot of likes or views.” Which obviously those are  nice to get because everyone likes validation but that’s not the main reason I started to this blog.  I started my blog to give my a place to write consistently, share my thoughts and what I like. And I really like this outfit. So here it is.


Forever 21 dress (from last year; similar here) // Old Navy Sandals  // Amazon Sunglasses // Old Navy Purse (similar style here)



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