Trade or No Trade?


A little more than 24 hours left until the trade deadline and there has been a lot of talk and very little action when it comes to the Rangers and trades.

And I’m not mad about it.

The asking price for starting pitching is way too high.

The minute a team starts asking for Mazara, I’m out. In my eyes, if the Rangers trade Mazara right now, that makes them sellers. Trading Mazara for a starting pitcher is not going to help the Rangers reach the postseason. I’m of the opinion, you don’t trade your starters in the middle of the season when you’re in the postseason race. The starters you have are the main reason you are where you are so why break that down? Now Gallo or Profar, Rangers can afford to trade one of them.Not both. And of those two, Gallo is probably the player the Rangers can afford to lose at this point. So if the Rangers make a big move, it wouldn’t seem so crazy to trade Gallo.

That being said, I don’t see the Rangers making a “huge” move.

Teams are asking for way too much right now based on the perceived need of the Rangers and trying to take advantage of that and their huge farm system. And for the most part, JD is pretty smart about trades, not someone to overpay and make a rushed trade. So it seems more likely that the Rangers will make a few under the radar trades rather than a big trade for Archer, or Gray (and they’re definitely not going after Sale.) However I’m not saying they’re completely out of the hunt for a Tampa Bay starting pitcher. I’d love to see them get Archer.Or even Odorizzi. But currently the asking price is too steep, so if they do go after one of the Rays starters, I’m thinking it’ll be a last minute deal in hopes that the asking price goes down.

Otherwise, the Rangers are better off waiting to see how Holland and Colby come back and then make a big move in the off-season where they can afford giving up more to get more rather than using that tactic in the middle of a pennant race.

There’s still a lot of Lucroy talk especially since he just vetoed his trade to the Indians. I’m not convinced the Rangers are going to really seek that out, especially over a starting pitcher. Once Holaday is activated, Rangers have three catchers and have to figure out between Holaday and Wilson who they’re giving up. Of course the Rangers could get Lucroy and go with him and Chirinos but it seems like the need is higher for pitching at the moment.

Now I don’t have sources or any real idea what the Rangers are going to do, I’m just a fan with opinions based on what I read from national reporters and beat writers, so come tomorrow JD could make me look like an idiot (wouldn’t be the first time) and get Lucroy and Archer and just trade the whole farm. Who knows? That’s part of the fun of the final hours before the trade deadline.


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