Sneak a Peek: Palettes


The last installment for this makeup collection series, all about makeup palettes.

As you’ll notice, I really like neutral eyeshadow palettes and I switch back and forth between these so often, I don’t really make a dent in colors very easily. Mostly because I’m like a kid with a toy, the newest one is always my favorite. For the time being.



The Urban Decay Naked Palette was one of the first I ever owned and I’m surprised by the amount of times I’ve used it that I haven’t made a dent in it. You’ll notice, the lighter shades in palettes I usually hit pan or make severe dent in, I don’t always do a full on eye look but I’ll always have a color across the whole lid and inner corner highlight. Which is why the lightest shade is always the color I use the most. This palette and a the tartelette palette I probably use the most. I’ve used every color except the two darkest from this Urban Decay palette. I probably use Toasted or Hustle the most because both look super pretty all over the lid and blended out into the crease which is my go to eye look. Super simple.


I used the heck out of this Lorac Pro palette when I first got it. It’s really nice because the top row is all matte and the bottom row “shimmer” shadows. My favorite color from this whole palette is the color nude. It’s super pigmented shimmer color that’s perfect for brightening the inner corner. The color cream (the only one I’ve hit pan on) is perfect all over the lid “no make-up” shadow. I will mentioned much like Urban Decay, Lorac has made a Pro Palette 2 and 3. This is the first one, I don’t have the second one but the third one looks gorgeous! Very similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.


It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette says it’s entirely matte, to me the colors seem more on the satin side. They definitely aren’t shimmer by any means but they don’t come off entirely matte to me. However I still really love this palette. I really the first 4 colors on both the top and bottom rows. I reach for all heart quite a bit actually, it’s a nice mauve-y neutral color, again for all over the lids. There are some palettes I reach for more during certain times of the year, in the summer I rarely wear a bunch of eye shadow because it’d just melt off anyway, but I really use this palette a lot in the fall, especially sunrise and sunset.


Coastal scents has a number of palettes that strong mimic Urban Decay Naked palettes but for a lot cheaper and with way more colors. I got this palette around the time the Urban Decay 3 palette came out because it compares very well. The Revealed 1 palette looks like a combination of Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2, Coastal scents even has a smokey palette much like Urban Decay. Again this is another palette I gravitate toward in the fall and winter, especially for the burgundy colors. Since this palette is only online and can’t be swatched at Sephora or Ulta, I’m including a picture of some swatches from it so you can see how pigmented this palette is.



I’ve raved about this palette a ton already (here and here) but of all of these palettes, this is probably my favorite one I own because I use all of the colors. In the other palettes, I’ve used every color at least once but there are colors (usually the dark ones) that I don’t really mess around with. This palette I probably love every color equally and I’ve used all of them multiple times. It’s seriously the best, and straight up smells like chocolate which is obviously a plus 😉


I like this palette, but I’ll be honest, I use the blush more than anything from this palette. Again I reach more for neutrals than I do for colors, so all the purple isn’t something I reach for the most. However, I do like the top row and the black is really good for a soft liner look.


The Hourglass ambient lighting palette is what I reach for the most between these two. The middle shade is perfect for under the eye setting/brightening powder and the shade on the left is perfect all over the face setting powder. It’s seriously magic. My makeup never looks cakey when I use these powders and it honestly looks like it just makes your skin perfected. I never use the color on the right because it’s a little too orange for me.

The NYX highlight and contour palette is a really great palette if you’re just getting into contour, you get all these colors and cheaply. The bronze/contour shades, I haven’t used much of, sometimes I just forget about them because I have other bronzers that are easier for me to get to/ right in front of so I grab over this palette. I will say the first two shades on the top row of this palette are really pretty. The first shade is a really bright/pearly highlight shade and the second is a perfect matte setting powder. I haven’t really mess with the “banana” shade and the last shade in that row is a golden highlight that doesn’t work for my skintone but just as equally pretty as the first shade.


And that brings us to the end of the makeup collection series. The next beauty post I have planned is all about skincare. After that, who knows! In the comments let me know what other posts you’d like to see and what your favorite palette is?


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