Concern vs Panic


I’m not panicking just yet.

I’m leaning towards concern if anything.

The Rangers have had a lousy July. And that’s definitely cause for concern but I’m not ready to hit the panic button just yet.

If this was happening after the trade deadline, continues beyond them getting a starting pitcher at the trade deadline, or happened in September, I’d be hitting that panic button so hard.

Honestly I’m happy this rough patch is happening now. Not the last week of September, 2012 anybody?

And I’m being optimistic that that’s all this is, a rough patch.

A rough patch that was really hard to watch, but I have to believe this team will be back to how they were in April, May, and June. Sure a lot of that was luck. I’ll admit it. But you can’t say the entirety of those 3 months was a fluke.

This team is good.

Like Evan Grant said, if our pitchers can get quality starts, this team fixes itself.

Sure there have been games with shoddy defense, bats have stopped, and it seemed the starters were never gonna make it to the 5th inning again. Because they all happened at the same time, it made for a sucky month.

I can’t even keep track of how many times I said “I can’t wait for the All Star break. The guys just need a break.”

And then the next 6 games happened and I still found myself wishing for another break. (Although the 9th inning of Wednesday’s game, I hope is an indication of something clicking.)

But again, not panicked. Concerned.

Another thing that happened, Choo and Fielder sent to the DL.

Like I said on Twitter, if you’re gonna have two guys go on the DL at once, Fielder and Choo are not going to hurt the team. I’m not saying I’m happy they’re on the DL, I would never wish an injury on a player. But it does answer the question of why Fielder hasn’t been able to get anything going. Choo has been injured all year, so I’m not surprised. It sucks. But it doesn’t make the Rangers worse off without them.

Not panicked.

If they can’t get back to their old ways in the next few weeks and after a trade, then I’ll panic.

Until then I’ll just stay at a level 1 concerned for now.


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