Sneek a Peek: Foundation, Primers, Setting Sprays


So we’ve now moved beyond the drawer organization of my makeup “collection.”  On to what’s around it/on top of it. Now usually there are various clips and ponytail holders sitting on top of the drawers but for the most part I just have foundation and primer sitting on top of it. And since this is more like face makeup, I wanted to include what I put on before my makeup and what I use to take off my makeup since it kind of all goes together!


So I’ve talked about both these primers in two previous beauty posts (here & here). I’ve repurchased the e.l.f primer mist (and even have back ups!) and still loving this stuff! I will say the spray piece unscrews, so I take that off and replace it with the one from the L’Oreal spray. It’s kind of a hassle to constantly move it back and forth, but the sprayer on the e.l.f primer mist doesn’t really “mist” as much as it just spits it out at your face. So I’d recommend either finding a better spray attachment to add to it, or just put the product in a different spray bottle. I’ll probably pour mine in the L’Oreal container once that’s finished up.

Because I’ve been obsessing over the e.l.f primer, I still have yet to use the NYX primer. I just don’t reach for it since I’ve been using the primer mist. But I promise I will use it more and have a follow up post on here once I’ve given it a good go!

The L’Oreal setting spray is still a favorite as well, I really only use it when I’m taking a lot of blog pictures at a time, or if I’m gonna have a long day, or if it’s extra hot outside and I don’t want it to melt off on the walk from my car into Target 😉


I forgot to include the Real Techniques face sponge on my brush post. This is one of my favorite things to use to apply foundation. It works really well with both of these foundations.

My go to foundation is the L’Oreal infallible pro-matte foundation. My skin has been more dry lately and even though this foundation is matte, it doesn’t make my skin look dry at all. When my skin starts to break out, that’s when I start looking at different foundations and I came across this Almay 4-in-1 foundation that seemed similar to the Neutrogena healthy skin foundation (which I’ve tried and like it, they just don’t have a light enough shade for me.) But I really like this coverage of this Almay foundation and I don’t feel like it’s going to irritate my skin even more if it’s having a breakout.


I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t always remember to moisturize before applying foundation (that’s where the priming mist really helps) but the Olay Regenerist serum is my favorite and I’ve been using it for a few years now. I’ve mentioned the Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Water for a few posts now, but it’s seriously a favorite. I’ve gone through probably 3 or 4 of these now, it’s the best/easiest way to get makeup off and it also hasn’t broken my face out, if anything it’s helped it, which definitely earns it all the bonus points!


Next for this series, all my palettes and probably a skincare post so look out for that!

One thought on “Sneek a Peek: Foundation, Primers, Setting Sprays

  1. cutepeeks says:

    This is a great post!!! I want to try out some of those primers. I have been using the maybelline baby skin primer, but it is almost used up, so maybe I’ll try one of your reccomendations next!!


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