I mentioned in a recent post that I don’t often buy color. I usually stick to neutrals because it’s easier for me to mix and match and come up with new outfits. However, when I do buy color, I seem to gravitate towards blue. I started thinking maybe it’s because blue seems more of a neutral to me than it does a color. I mean you can wear any color with blue jeans, so therefore that makes blue jeans a neutral piece, so I feel like I can wear blue tops or blue dresses with any color purse or shoes and it still goes.

I hope that logic make sense to you like it does to me!

I bought this dress almost a year ago. Totally attracted by the color. I ordered it online and when it came in I wasn’t exactly sure how much I loved it. Except I knew I loved it enough that I didn’t want to return it because I knew I’d regret it. So it sat in my closet for almost a year before I finally decided to wear it.

And I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to take it out because I’m obsessed with it. Wish I could wear it everyday!

This dress is what Old Navy calls their “cocoon” style. So it’s not technically a shift dress, but it’s a similar shape. It’s a hard shape design to describe but it’s super comfortable.

Dress (the exact dress is no longer available but I’m linking the dresses in this cocoon style and a dress that’s the similar color)// Shoes (similar)// Purse (similar)



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