My Top 10 Favorite Ranger gifs

If you follow me on twitter, you know I really love gifs. A lot.

They’re just way more fun than emojis or pictures. Easier to watch than a long video. Easier to express how you’re feeling on Twitter than words. (Especially using gifs from the Office!) How can you not love gifs??

The two weeks before the All Star break weren’t the most fun to watch as a Ranger fan, so to keep from getting down, I had a couple gif sprees throughout games.

Beltre gif thread

Fielder sliding gif thread

I was basically handed the challenge of my Top 10 Ranger gifs. Which let me tell you was not an easy choice. Since we are without Ranger baseball for a couple of days, I figured this would be a good time to post that list. I tried to rank them in order, it was really difficult and I probably forgot a few, so just know this list is kind of fluid but these are definitely all time favorites.

10. The punch

2016-05-15 18.34.32

(and all of these that follow)

9. Running Ron Washington 


8. Odor’s Slide


7. The first time Colby did the glove flip


6. ….Whatever you want to call this….


5. “Don’t even think about touching my head.” -Beltre to Napoli. Probably.


4. Kinsler’s “slide”


3. That time Napoli wanted nothing to do with lightning 


Really the video is my favorite so I’ll link that here

2. Elvis messing with Beltre

It was hard to pick just one, so just watch all of these

Honorable Mention:

  • Beltre helping the cameraman…?3a205e19-bee5-4074-8fcb-23505ad2d4eb
  • This Kinsler and Napoli moment
  • Murphy giggling after getting a strikeout
  • Ron Washington “hiding” from the rain
  • This was almost number one


1.The Rangers are going to the World Series!



Let me know what your favorite Ranger or MLB gif is in the comments or on twitter!


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