Chambray Shirt Dress


I’ve had this post on hold for a while now. Kind of like a save the best for last situation.

Tried this dress on and bought it almost two months ago, took blog pictures in it about a month ago, and this post has just been sitting in my drafts. Not because I didn’t want to share it, I just made schedule in my head of how I wanted to post outfits and other posts and this just kept getting pushed further and further down, even though it’s a favorite.

I usually take pictures for 2-3 outfits in one session so I had about 4 other outfits sitting in line with this one and I tend to be picky with how and when I post certain outfits and it just turned out that because I post one outfit a week on here, this just kept getting pushed back. But it’s here now!

This dress is easily my favorite. It’s so easy to just throw on and go. I’ve been mostly wearing it with these silver sandals. It’s also easy to wear with some cute lace up sandals (so bold but kind of love them!), or wedges like these from Target.  I’m really excited to wear it not only as an easy outfit throughout the summer, but in the fall with some cute tan booties and fun army green jacket on those cooler days, perfect for layering.

I should mention for reference, I tried it on in the store in both a medium and small. The medium was too baggy, the small was a better fit but still too long and just a tad too big. I ended up buying it online in a petite small and it’s basically perfect. I’m 5’2″ with a long torso and short legs, so the petite didn’t seem to change anything as far as fit goes aside from the length. And I will say while it’s the perfect length standing, the downside is sitting. Definitely have to watch that and tug a little :/ But overall, it’s the perfect fit.


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