Sneak Peek: Storage Edition


It was requested that I talk about my makeup storage, I figured since it was an easy and quick post, I’d sneak it in here between the last drawer post and the next.

My makeup collection isn’t huge by any means, definitely smaller than a lot of what you see on blogs or YouTube. But it’s more than just the basics.

I’ve always stored my makeup on my dresser because that’s where I put my makeup on at, but I’ve gone through a different setups, this one is the easiest and just makes the most sense to me.

First I just keep my foundations, primers, makeup sponges, and clips on top of the three drawers. The clear drawer system I got from Target a few years back. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers advertise the GLAMboxes acrylic drawer system, very like this, but they’re super expensive. Never understood why you would want something like this for $200+ when it’s just going to get powder, foundation, and fingerprints all over it. A quick search on and you get a million options for under $30 that look identical to the super expensive ones.

As I’ve shown in the previous posts about my makeup collection, I organize the drawers by my face products, then eye shadow/liner/mascara, and then lip sticks.

Like I’ve shown in the pictures below, I don’t really store my makeup palettes in any way other than just lined up next to the acrylic box. It’s easier to get to than stacking them would be, I can see them all and just slide them in and out of place.

I keep my makeup brushes in candle holders. Which is honestly the cheapest and easiest thing to do. Once a candle is burned out, I clean it out and boom! Instant brush holder. Right now I try to keep it separated between face brushes and eye brushes, so I can see what I’m reaching for. Clearly another face brush holder is something I need since they’re starting to get cramped together.

Linking this because it seems similar to the size of the holders I use.

I keep those little mascara wands and bobby pins in a small glass (used this shot glass for a preview art project involving gold paint, turned out to be perfect use for this!)

Hopefully this was helpful to anyone who was asking! Like I’ve said, I’ve had other setups, this is my favorite because I feel like I can see everything and it feels organized. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or e-mail (linked on the contact page), or even instagram or twitter!




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