Stars and Stripes


I think the last time I wore a flag shirt for the Fourth of July, I was in elementary school. Since then I’ve just worn any outfit that fit the qualifications of the holiday, red, white, and blue.

Usually that meant maybe a dress or a step up from this casual outfit. Basically something I wore for a couple hours before deciding I’d rather be comfortable in a t-shirt and Nike shorts.

But this year I decided to go back to the classic.

It wasn’t exactly a tough decision by any means, first this tank is super soft. I got it in a large because I don’t like tanks or really any shirt to be snug, I like a little breathing room. So going a size up make the tank perfectly oversized.

Also at the time I got this tank  it was like eight bucks. Total steal, right?

Well now it’s like even cheaper (four dollars!) so if you have no clue what to wear Monday, problem solved! If you don’t want to get a flag shirt because you think you’ll only wear it just the one time, there are so many ways to justify getting a flag t-shirt, if four dollars wasn’t enough. I totally plan on wearing mine for the rest of the summer. Who says flag shirts are just for the Fourth of July? You can show off your American pride all year long right?  Also other holidays, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day. Voting Day. To baseball games because that’s America’s pastime. During the Olympics! Plenty of opportunities. 😎

Also let’s talk about these shorts! I’ve basically been living in them! They’re my absolute favorite pair of jean shorts ever. I was a little hesitant at first because I’m not a big fan of high waisted or kind of high waisted. Mostly I go for mid-rise jeans, they’re the most comfortable to me. Now I wouldn’t really consider these high waisted, so lets just say they’re somewhere between a mid-rise and high rise? (Even though Target labels them as high rise.) Mostly I was drawn to them because I like distressed shorts, but loved that these didn’t have gaping holes but patches instead. The fraying was also a big selling point for me because they add some more than just a cuffed short or cutoffs. Make it interesting.

Also Target has buy one get one 50% off shorts right now! 😉

The purse and sandals I wore, I got last year so I couldn’t get exact links but I did link a similar style sandal below (I’ve seen almost the exact at Old Navy and Target but they didn’t have them online.) The purse linked is the same color but not the same style but still totally cute! Sunglass are also not the exact link but very similar!

Hope y’all liked this simple but cute outfit idea for the holiday!

Have a Happy Fourth of July! 

Target Shorts// Old Navy tank // Sandals (similar) // Sunglasses (similar)// Purse (similar)


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