The Best Team in the American League


So far this season, I’ve recapped the Rangers at the end of each month. However, they’re playing way too good to wait until  July 1st to talk about them again.

I think I’ve made it extremely obvious I love the Rangers. In general, they’re just fun to watch. Even in 2014 when they lost 95 games, I actually enjoyed watching every game. Mostly for their antics than the actual statistical playing of baseball. However, it’s definitely more fun watching them win nine straight series, have a franchise best record after 69 games of 44-25, and a 7.5 game lead in the division. Last time they were up at least 7.5 games in the division? September 2011.

In other words, this team is scary good.

Rangers have the best record in the majors in one run games, and they’re the only team in the majors with a winning record when the other team scores first.

They have a shortstop that can play shortstop.

A shortstop that can play center field (like really well.)

Another shortstop that can play first base, second base, and third base. Oh yeah, obviously shortstop too.

Basically they have an uncanny ability to put a shortstop literally anywhere and have them succeed.

(P.S. Matt Bush was drafted as a shortstop before being converted to a pitcher. So that totally counts.)

They have a catcher that is so good in the outfield, he can play it for an entire half inning and no one will notice.

Just the other day, a starting pitcher took a perfect game into the 8th inning. And his name wasn’t even Cole Hamels or Yu Darvish.

Colby Lewis ist was what I like to call, the “sneaky ace.”

Beltre avoided DL for a mild hamstring strain, missed 6 games. In the 3 games he’s played since, he’s batting .500 and not missing a beat.

Their starting first baseman and designated hitter, they haven’t been playing their best offensively. And yet, the Rangers sit at the top of the American league, second in the majors, with just two fewer wins than the Chicago Cubs.

Just imagine this team when Moreland and Fielder start crushing it. Because they’ll get there eventually, hopefully. And Moreland is starting to get there.

Even with a bullpen that has 7 blown saves, the Rangers still have the best American League record.

Even with an injury to the Opening Day starting catcher and right fielder, each missing almost 2 months, the Rangers still have the best American League record.

Their starting day center fielder was sent down the minors, the Rangers still have the best American League record.

Yu Darvish started the season on the disabled list and only started 3 games before going back on it. And you know the rest.

The Rangers have outfielders that other teams should fear:


I’d tell them to stop running on the Rangers, but why mess with a good thing?


This team wins games and then finds ways to win games they probably shouldn’t have won.

This team is good. This team is great. This team is unbelievable.
This team is special.

This team is a team that should be feared by others.

This team is a team that us fans are going to really enjoy watching this season.

If any team has a shot at going all the way this season, it’s definitely the 2016 Texas Rangers.

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