Black, White, and Colorful


My style preferences can be summed up in two words: simple and comfortable.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I always have trouble with color. I always gravitate towards neutral color tops. Black and white are my go to, which is probably why striped tees always catch my eye. For me, it’s easier to come up with multiple outfits for an item of clothing if it’s black or white because I can pair it with different shoes, purses, and in the colder months, jackets.

Neutral = Simple

Wearing a one shirt multiple ways is hard for me if it’s a pattern, a print, and sometimes just a solid color, I can only picture it one way.

For example, that gingham peplum top, it’s my favorite, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to wear it with something other than white jeans or even just with dark blue jeans.

It seems that bloggers have a “once and done” policy, they wear a top or dress once and it’s never seen again. I think it’s frustrating. I can’t afford to buy a top or dress that’s only going to work for one post, no matter how cute it is. If I can’t make it work for more than one outfit, or I’m only going to wear it once for pictures, it’s not worth it. If you see a shirt on here once and ever again, it’s not because I only wore it for that post, it’s because I haven’t worn it a differently that’s worth a blog post.

That’s why I choose neutral t-shirts, basic shorts, and shoes that aren’t so trendy. Simple.

Because of that, sometimes it’s more difficult to put together a “blog-worthy” outfit. Which is that even a real thing? Probably not.

Maybe it’s better to do simple, casual outfits. Instead of overthinking it so much.

4Outfit details:
T-shirt (favorite t-shirt of all time!)
Tassel shorts
Straw hat (not exact hat, but very similar!)
Nail polish: OPI Fearlessly Alice
Purse (Old Navy doesn’t sell this color, but they always have the style with new and different colors each season!)


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