Summer Styling No. 2


summer style no. 2I decided to make a part two to my Summer Styling post, this one focusing more on my favorite items of beach and pool wear.


1Obviously you have to have a cute swimsuit for the pool/beach! I really like swimsuits that are versatile and can be worn many ways. This striped one from H&M (pictured left) is probably my favorite style because of how many ways it can be worn. It hooks in the back like a regular bandeau style bikini top but because it has those two straps, you can tie it in multiple ways. (Krista Robertson has a video and she shows a similar bikini top (the the 5:03 mark) and ways to wear it!) I’m also obsessed with the scallop bathing suit trend, this one from H&M (pictured) comes in solid black or white.

Old Navy also has this scalloped bikini.

2.Cover ups 

twoA cute cover up is a must, especially ones you can wear before or after going to the pool or even on days you aren’t headed to the beach. Being able to wear something multiple ways for multiple occasions is key! I found multiple pieces that work as cute cover ups or even standalone pieces that can be layered throughout the year.

3.Straw Hats


Straw hats are always on trend for the spring and summer. Wide brim straw hats are perfect to keep the sun off your face while relaxing at the pool or laying out on the beach!



4Cheap flip-flops are perfect for the pool because they can’t get ruined from the pool water. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute!


5.Beach Bag

5Of course when you go to the beach, you have to have tote bag to lug around the sunscreen, the towel, to hold your sandals and cover up, and all your necessities.

6. Cheap Shades

6Finally, no one wants to risk losing or breaking their favorite pair of sunglasses at the beach or pool, so it’s important to bring a pair that’s cheap but stylish.


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