Summer Styling


46I made a post back in March called Spring Styling. And now I’ve decided to turn that into a season series. However, this layout is clearly different from that one. While that was by store, this is more of categories of style elements. Originally, for the spring post, pictured above is the layout I had pictured, but if I’m honest I waited last minute to write the post and I scrambled to put it together and it didn’t turn out how I pictured. Even though I just put this post together yesterday afternoon, I had a much better idea of what the post was going to look like and a much bigger inspiration to create it.

Now, on to the actual post!

Some of the items I don’t own, haven’t tried on, or haven’t even seen in person, but I fell in love with just by browsing online finding pieces for this post and want them.

Other items I’ve tried on in stores, love, and own.

All of them are pieces I wanted to share with y’all because you might like them too! 🙂

1. Dresses

By now it’s obvious how much I love dresses, so I’m linking a bunch of my favorites!23-2



Sometimes I struggle with finding shoes I like in the summer. I’m really picky about sandals, color and style. There are also times where I don’t want to wear sandals, but I don’t want to wear tennis shoes that look like workout tennis shoes, I think the shoes listed below solved that problem for me.23-1

  • Old Navy Silver Sandals: Pictured left; Bought these last week and they’re my most favorite sandals of all time. I want every color, they’re soft and comfortable and they don’t give you blisters!
  • Target White Canvas Shoes: These have been my favorite shoes, wear them all the time, they’re all over my instagram. White is probably not the most practical of shoe colors, however I figure I could probably just wash and bleach them if they get crazy dirty.
  • H&M Platform Sandals: Pictured above; I had to include these because I was kind of on the fence about them but I feel like I could really love them the more I looked at them.
  • H&M Laced Espadrilles: These come in a few different colors, but the plum ones really caught my eye.



Simple gold jewelry is my favorite and I love anything that comes with multiple items. Stacks of rings, bracelets, and even earrings. Most days I don’t wear any jewelry because I don’t think about it but if I did, I’d wear these things.23-3

  • Forever 21 ear cuffs: Pictured right; I think ear cuffs look interesting and even better, you don’t have to suffer piercing your ear to wear them. 😉
  • Forever 21 Ring stacks: Pictured right; I love getting rings like this from forever21 because you get a ton of them super cheap and you can wear all of them, a few of them, or just one and it looks cute no matter what.
  • Forever21 Bracelets: Pictured right; I don’t wear bracelets too often, but I do like the idea of stacking multiple bracelets together.
  • Forever21 Pendant: Pictured above; Love layering long necklaces like this with shorter necklaces as well.

4.Purses & Totes

Target has been killing it with their purses lately, in store and online (they have a lot of purses online that are never in store just FYI!). Every purse I have is crossbody, they’re just easier to carry that way and don’t fall off your shoulder.23-4

  • Target Quilted Crossbody: Bought this purse a couple days ago and it’s already my favorite and it looks like a designer bag, which is always a plus because there were no designer prices involved.
  • Sam & Libby Crossbody (Blue) & (Cream): I saw the blue crossbody at one Target, didn’t get it, went to another Target and they didn’t have it so I got the quilted one mentioned above instead. However the blue is a really pretty option for summer!
  • Target Hot Pink Crossbody: Pictured right; Almost anything hot pink catches my eye immediately so I had to include this one!
  • Old Navy Tassel Crossbody: I really love the shape of this one!
  • Target Canvas Weekender bag: Pictured above; I have this striped one and I love this! It holds so much and it’s perfect for a quick trip!
  • Target “Weekend Essentials” clutch: Pictured above; I think this would be a really cute bag to old makeup or small things to throw into a carry on bag or take to the beach or lake.


Amazon has some super cute sunglasses that look exactly like really expensive ones I’ve seen on other bloggers.23-5



Shorts are an obvious summer staple. I love jean shorts, but I also love shorts that are softer, have an elastic band, and can look a little fancier. I think those shorts are better than jean shorts because while they can look fancier, they’re comfier than jean shorts.23-6


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