Striped Swing Dress


I’ve talked about my love of swing dresses before but sometimes I also hate them.

Finding the perfect swing dress can be difficult. Find the right balance of the dress not being too long or too short (usually too long for me because of my short legs) but also finding one that isn’t so big that it just looks like you bought a dress three sizes too big. Then there is also the problem of making sure the dress doesn’t just make you look like a hanger for it with absolutely no shape.

That’s where the trend of tying shirts/jackets around your waist comes in.

Five months later and I’m still loving the trend. Can’t lie though, with the hair and tying a button down around my waist, I definitely felt like I was six again. That could also be because I’m constantly twirling when I’m wearing a dress, because that’s the fun part of wearing a dress right? Anyway, tying a jacket or shirt around your waist while wearing a dress that might not give you any shape or is a little too long than you normally care for can help with both of those aspects.

Tying the jacket around your waist helps define your waist, so you actually look like you have one. Plus makes it look smaller, and who doesn’t want that?

Since I have shorter legs and a longer torso, I prefer dresses that hit right above the knee, that way it doesn’t make my legs look even shorter. This particular dress falls about an inch longer than I normally like and it was never my first choice to wear for that reason. I just thought it made me look even shorter than I am. However tying the jacket around my waist, and then loosening the part of the dress above the tie just little bit, makes the dress look a little shorter and a little more flattering.

By now y’all know know my love of stripes, so it’s no surprise that I have a striped swing dress is it? You’ll probably see even more of this dress (and just stripes in general) throughout the summer. 😉

Swing dress: old navy (similar here & here) // chambray shirt: old navy// sunglasses: charlotte russe// sandals: target (similar)2826


^You can see how above the jacket, the dress is loosened instead of being tight353625212420272223

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