Crowns and Dresses


Once Spring rolls in and 80 degrees becomes a regular occurrence in Texas, swing dresses become my favorite outfit. Well one of my favorite outfits, t-shirts and Nike shorts aren’t exactly blog worthy though.

I’ve said it before, but dresses are the easiest outfit ever. No real thinking involved, you just throw it on with some sandals or flats and you’re good to go.

Something I’ve been trying to be better about, is styling my hair differently. Sometimes I just get stuck in a rut and wear it the same all the time. All down, or half up. I’ve been trying different braided styles lately and loving them! I’ve always loved braids and watching different tutorials on braided hairstyles, but I’ve never really made a good attempt at trying them. When I was in dance in high school, I was constantly braiding all the girls hair, for practice and at concerts. But I never liked the outcome of braids that I did on myself. For a while I was just convinced I’d never be able to do braids on myself, what a bummer.

However one day I just decided to give this dutch half crown braid a try and to my complete surprise, it worked out with one attempt. Of course I had to take all the pictures of it, because who knows if that’s ever going to work again. I followed this tutorial.

(I’ve thought of doing my own tutorials on here, but everything I know is from youtube tutorials, not sure if that’s something y’all would be interested in?)

Since that braid worked out, I really decided to challenge myself and try the same style but with a fishtail braid and let me tell you, I’m on a roll. One attempt and it worked. So I think you can expect a few more blog posts that include some braided hairstyles, especially as it gets hot and I want my hair out of my face but want something cuter than a basic ponytail.

Swing dress: forever21 & sandals: Target (both from last year)



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