originally posted January 10, 20152

Long time, no blog. 

I got busy with school and finals and catching up with friends once they came home for winter break. And also can’t lie, some days I just get lazy and don’t  have “blog worthy” outfits (AKA t-shirts & leggings) so I can’t post. 

Also my crazy self deciding it’d be a good idea to take an English class over winter break. 

But no worries, I have posts planned out so I’m going to try to post at least once a week! 

Winter is probably my favorite season and this last week it has be FREAKING FREEZING and some days I enjoy it and get excited to wear boots and scarves and beanies, and then others I’m just wishing for Spring.But not because of the weather.

I really wish for spring because all winter means to  me is:


And after non-stop baseball from March ( yes I do watch the spring training games when they are being aired, because yes I am that obsessed. This should not be a surprise to most of you!) through October, with no baseball to watch, the winter just really drags on. 

But THANK GOD the Rangers home opener is just 3 months away, the countdown can begin! But Pitchers report to Spring Training on February 21st! So close but yet feels so far! 

In the mean time I’ll just hope spring gets here quickly while staying warm in my new Texas Rangers vest! (Thanks Sierra!!)



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