originally posted November 16, 2015

Long time no outfit post! 

Let’s put it this way school is crazy, Texas weather is crazy, and time goes to fast.


This vest is my ABSOLUTE favorite vest of all time. I got it two years ago when the J Crew herringbone vest was all everyone wanted (myself included) but I definitely didn’t have the money for that. While this vest isn’t exactly a knockoff for it, it took the place of the want for the J Crew vest. I try to wear it with everything, which is great because it looks good with everything. 

 They don’t have this exact vest any more but they do sell a few that are similar.This one has the similar tweed style, I would assume the hood comes off because the one I’m wearing came with the same style hood that zips off. This one has a similar pattern but the pattern is printed onto the vest, rather than being the actual fabric. Old Navy also has a vest that’s even closer to the J Crew one, if you’re still obsessed with the herringbone like me.

These shoes are my favorite that I don’t wear often because I forget about them apparently. Linked them in pink because I couldn’t find the color I own but the pink ones are super cute!

This sweater is super cozy and I kind of want it in every color but sadly #brokecollegestudent. Old Navy has become my absolute favorite place to shop lately, everytime I go there I find one (or seven) things I want and they almost always have things you want on sale!


VEST, JEANS, SHOES: target// SCARF: forever 21// SWEATER: old navy


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