originally posted February 18, 2016

You know what’s great about this spring training? Rangers aren’t coming back as the A.L losers. Nope. They are coming back as the A.L West Division Champions.Champions.

Did you hear that Astros? Are you pissed off? (I’m assuming they are the “they”

Since they are coming off such a great season (that no one expected this time laste year) I decided I’m gonna talk about what I’m excited for this year (and some general questions I have). Because there is a lot to look forward to. So in no particular order, here we go.

1. Cole Hamels as the Opening Night Starter

Who else would it be? It has to be Cole. He is the Rangers ace, who else would you even start if not him? With him starting + opening night + the league champions. The atmosphere at the ballpark is going to be something else on April 1st.  


Need I say more? Who doesn’t look forward to the greatness that is Adrian Beltre? I don’t think I’ve seen a player who genuinely loves playing the game and has fun while playing, more than him.  (Also looking forward to the contract extension, because he has to finish his career in Arlington, right?!)

3. All the Rivalries 

So I’m sure this is probably more of a fan thing, I don’t know if the players care for these “rivalries” but I know I do.  I am so ready for the new rivalries this season. I think Houston will probably be the most exciting since the Rangers play them more, so more opportunities to build that rivalry, and because of this. 

The rivalry I’m most looking forward to is the Toronto Blue Jays or as I like to call them Public Enemy Number 1. And we all know why. All I want is an Odor bat flip. A Fielder bat flip. And how about a DeShields in the park homer. I don’t think that’s asking for much. Just basically anything the Rangers can do to show them up. I think it’d be well deserved, don’t you?

4. Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are my favorite giveaway. The Banister bobblehead will be amazing! I am so happy they are using “the point” from the Astros game (video above). Odor totally deserves his bobblehead, I’m really curious how his will look and bobble considering he will be sliding into homeplate. The one I’m most looking forward to is probably the Franchise Four bobblehead. I’m assuming its four bobble heads on one stand. At least my that was my understanding, four bobbleheads for the price of one. Nolan, Pudge, Young, and Beltre. You couldn’t ask for a better bobblehead. 

*What I’m not looking forward to and really don’t even understand, each dot from the dot race get a bobblehead? Who wanted that? Who asked for that? And an individual bobble head for each dot, seriously?

5. Who will play Left Field?

Because do we really expect Hamilton to play a full season? Or will it end up like last season, a revolving door?

6. What will Choo do?

I truly believe the player he was the second half of the season, is the player he can be all of 2016 season. I think he got more confident in himself after the all star break, because something obviously clicked. Put him 2nd in the lineup behind DeSheilds (where he seems to be the most comfortable hitting, less pressure) and hopefully he can be the same Choo we ended last year with.

7. Jeff Banister doing more Jeff Banister things

Lastly, I won’t question anything Banister does this whole season. And feel free to hold me to that! Based on the AL Manger of the year trophy he now has, he obviously knows what he’s doing.  If he can take a team from A.L worst to A.L (west)first, as a first year manager, I firmly believe he can do anything.




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