originally posted March 1, 2016

It seems like every time a new season rolls around I have no clothes from the year before. Here in Texas, Spring came in February this year and opening my closet, I felt like all I had was fall/winter clothes. So I decided to look through some of my favorite stores and find some things I’d like to add into my spring style and get some inspiration for spring outfits.

First I looked at Francesca’s, even though they are a little more on the pricey side and I don’t typically buy clothes there, it can’t hurt to look right?  francescas

1. Lace Romper: I love rompers and how simple they are, like dresses but not as annoying or a constant worry like dresses because they’re shorts. 

I really liked the lace on this one in particular because you can wear the romper by itself with flats and be done with the outfit. Or you can add simple jewelry to dress it up.

2. Printed Shorts: Another favorite because they can be dressier than blue jean shorts but they’re also more comfortable because they’re usually softer than denim. And super cute.

 3. Dresses (Shift dress & Swing dress): Last year I loved the style of these dresses. I like dresses that aren’t form fitting. They’re more comfortable because they aren’t clinging to you in the heat, and when it’s hot the last thing I want is to feel like I’m suffocating in my clothes.

forever21On to forever21. I haven’t found much lately as far as clothes go, but I have been lucky with accessories.

1. Structured Bags: For over the last year now, I’ve gravitated more towards small crossbody purses, because they’re just easier to carry around and I don’t have that much stuff to put in a purse anyway. However, lately I’ve noticed my eye wondering towards bags that are slightly bigger and more structured. This red bag has caught my eye more than once, I love the color and that it has a similar look to a designer bag.  Also loving this bag as well.

2. Ankle boots: STILL obsessed with them and I’m never not going to be. I don’t know what else to tell you. I particularly like this pair because there isn’t a zipper like most, you can just slide them on. 

3. Chambray everything: Chambray shirts are probably one of my favorite things in the spring because they take over the spot that plaid flannels held in the fall/winter.  I picked this chambray shirt dress because let’s be honest, dresses are just a lazy girl’s outfit. 

4. Straw hats: I love hats. I probably don’t wear them enough for how much I love them but I’m definitely going to try wearing more this old nacyAnd of course I saved the best for last, Old Navy! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Old Navy is my go to store lately.

1. Peplum tops: I mean it’s a given with the blog name, right? Old Navy has a million different peplum tops out right now and I’m not complaining one bit. I tried this top (pictured to the left)because I loved the print, but didn’t necessarily like it on me, I’ve learned spaghetti straps just aren’t something I think is flattering on me. However this top, I LOVED and want in every color it comes in! (They also have a chambray peplum top too!)

2. Stripes: I mean if it’s got a stripe on it, odds are I’ll at least try it on. And then probably love it. Because you can’t have too many striped shirts! (This one is also only $7!!! #treatyoself)

3. Crossbody purse: I know I just said I had plenty of small crossbody purses BUT I love the color of this one! I have the same purse in a hot pink leather that I absolutely love and I just think they’re the simplest crossbody but the colors are fun! 

4. SandalsLast year I got a pair similar to these so I think this year I’m going to go more simple with my sandals, like these.

5. Skinny Boyfriend jeans: I’ve been wanting to join the boyfriend jean bandwagon for so long now but I feel like they always make my legs look even shorter and to be honest, it’s weird to go from wearing only skinny jeans/leggings/jeggings to jeans that are supposed to be slouchy. However now that they make “skinny” boyfriend jeans, I think I may have found my way onto the bandwagon!

6. White jeans: In January I bought my first pair of white jeans and it was kind of scary. White jeans are scary. I love dark denim, I mean they make your legs look slimmer and who doesn’t want that? But I’ve been dying for some white jeans after seeing them styled on every blog so I couldn’t resist any longer. I kick myself for getting distressed white jeans as my first pair of white jeans. (I’m just in the phase that all denim should be distressed, I can’t help it.) But learn from me, try regular white jeans first before getting a distressed pair. I think I’d like the look of an undistressed pair even more than the distressed ones.


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