Somewhat Spring

originally posted March 21, 2016


So I wore this outfit last Thursday thinking it’d be an easy somewhat spring outfit. But apparently Texas was not feeling “somewhat spring” because it was freezing.  I seriously could have worn a coat, scarf, and boots. I was kind of bitter that I didn’t because that was just one more chance to wear a cute winter outfit, which I didn’t feel like I got to do enough of.

 However Texas decided to be winter for a few more days… this bipolar weather is killing me. I just got my mind set on spring outfits and I don’t know what to do with it being in the 50s and 60s. It’s honestly stressful.

 I did get a few spring outfits photographed last week, so even though I’ll be freaking out and indecisive on what to where, it won’t effect the blog because I already have posts all lined up! So just know that while there wasn’t a blog post last week, I was definitely getting work done for the blog 😉

top & purse: old navy// jeans and shoes: target



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