originally posted March 28, 2015

Just some thoughts on the Rangers off-season and 2015 Spring Training.

Profar Injury

Honestly I didn’t see him as starting this year anyway. Sucks that he has to have surgery now but from what I heard, he could have gotten the surgery back in September instead of waiting until the start of Spring Training. I don’t think this will have much of an impact on the season at all. Rangers have Odor, who more than proved himself last season as rookie.  Personally, I don’t think Profar will ever live up to the expectations everyone had for him a few years ago when he was first brought up.

Robbie Ross Trade

I’m still upset about this. I don’t remember really anything the Rangers did this off-season other than this trade. (Except the trade for Gallardo) I know they signed some pitchers and made trades for other players but they didn’t have a big off season like I’d hoped.  I was hoping they’d at least show some interest in some big starters like Scherzer or Shields, especially when we were getting to January and neither had been signed.

I don’t think Robbie should have been traded.

Robbie Ross was a strong bull pen relief pitcher for us. I think where the Rangers went wrong was trying to turn him into a starter. In 2012, Robbie’s rookie year, he was a solid relief pitcher. In 2012 and 2013 when Ross was strictly a bullpen pitcher his ERA was 2.22 and 3.03. Last season he pitched in 27 games and started 12 and his ERA was 6.20.

Robbie Ross is not a starting pitcher.  And the Rangers should’ve never tried to make him one.

Yu Darvish

There is no way around this, Yu Darvish needing Tommy John surgery is a HUGE blow for the team. Darvish is easily the number one starter for the Rangers. Last season with all the injuries, having Darvish pitching every 5 days was a huge relief to the team. On the day Darvish would start, you could guarantee a win or at the very least a close game, you had a chance.

Now this season not having Darvish pitching at all will have a huge impact. Holland would be considered number one (even though Banister is saying he won’t put pressure on him to start the opener, I’d be surprised if he went with someone else).

I was annoyed with JD not even making an attempt at any big free agent starters, aka Scherzer and Shields, but now with Darvish out the entire season, I firmly believe he should have made that attempt to be in talks with them, especially since they didn’t sign with team until late January and February.

Lewis pitched great last season but it’s not a sure thing that he’ll be as good this season but I think he could be solid.

Luckily Holland and Gallardo look solid. Nick Martinez has proved himself to be pretty solid as well.

Adam Rosales

I feel like he is underrated. And I’m so happy the Rangers re signed him. He has proven himself to be a solid utility infielder, can play any of the infield positions. But I also really like his attitude. He seems like he just loves playing the game and plays with the attitude of a kid playing a game he loves (much like most of the Rangers which is one of the reasons they’re my favorite team). Rosales just seems like the kind of guy you would want in the clubhouse for that positive, upbeat attitude.

Also his home-run “trot” is the best.  Pretty sure he has the fastest home-run “trot” ever.

Can’t wait to see what the Rangers do this season.

Glad last season is over.

Ready for this season to start.



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