originally posted February 3, 2016

Haven’t been chatty in my last two blog posts. Sometimes I just have nothing to say at the time I’m putting the blog post together and other times I’m too frustrated to say anything.

Last week’s blog post came later than my usual Monday posting all because I couldn’t think of a title for the post and that’s seriously the most frustrating part of a blog!  

 After this post, expect a blog post every Monday like the previous posts had been, I’m trying my hardest to stay consistent with blog posts! But every now and then a post has to be difficult and causes a delay. 

 I’m pretty proud, the last three months I’ve been pretty consistent with weekly posts and in two weeks I might start posting twice a week (or twice every other week) because Spring Training starts February 18th (already have a post waiting in the drafts for that!) and I will finally have some more baseball posts!

  coat, jeans, boots: target// sweater: old navy// scarf: forever21



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